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In Australia, one in two individuals (50%) or about 10 million persons aged 15 years and above are concerned about suitable oral health products. Making use of the right oral care products is very important for keeping gums and teeth healthy. Most dental diseases are totally preventable, and intervention in advance can boost good oral health and overall health. When it comes to good oral health, the demand for teeth whitening kits and products is surging. The popularity of a white tooth has given rise to significant demand for whiter teeth. On several online platforms, teeth whitening products are available, from bleaching kits, and whitening toothpaste to whitening systems and strips.

According to the Australian Dental Association, teeth whitening was, and remains, one of the biggest crazes on social media platforms. A study revealed that 93% of Australian people bought whitening toothpaste or other products in six months. The tooth whitening products are in high demand because of their affordable price and fast results. The population rise is also contributing toward the broadening and growth in the market. Developments in product efficacy attained through various technological advancements allow premium brands to compete by providing superior products and therapeutic benefits successfully.

Most whitening products besides toothpaste consist of peroxides like carbamide peroxide or urea peroxide. These compounds break down to hydrogen peroxide that chemically bleaches both the tooth and surface stains. The importance of whitening products is enumerated below.

1. Easiest and simple anti-aging procedure

Whiter teeth can make anyone feel and look younger. This is because white teeth are often associated with beauty and youth. This is also because people look younger when they smile, and they smile more when they like their smile. A study has shown that people are inclined to guess the age of those who bear happy smiling faces to be younger. This study has also shown that facial expression is an essential factor in determining the accuracy towards age.

2. Appearance improvement

Persons with cleaner and whiter smiles bear an aura of self-confidence, which is attractive in a person. Having confidence can boost one’s abilities, which is why most successful people are inclined to be most confident. A person might also need confidence to deal with failure. People with the whitest teeth and complete smiles tend to look more handsome or beautiful.

3.   Adapt better with society

The best way to keep oneself away from getting left out in the present image-conscious world is to carry a bright smile and gleaming teeth. Due to this, a person will tend to smile frequently and more frequently to show it off. This act of confidence will help in giving out a great impression to those people in the surroundings. That’s the miracle of the teeth whitening in action right there. The concept of self-consciousness will become less, and people will be inclined to give out an air of pleasantness and friendliness very effortlessly.

4.   Good first impressions

It is crucial to keep in mind that first impressions always last longer. The teeth whitening products help in making it a good one with a big flashy smile. It is in the nature of human beings to congregate around others. This makes them feel comfortable, safe, and at ease. By having a white and bleached smile, it is a way of telling the world that one is dependable, honourable, and a good person.

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