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Why we need to have a General physician as your primary health doctor

There are tons of reasons you need a primary care general physician in your life. Having a general physician for regular checkups can bring about a lot of change in your lifestyle choices. A general physician has knowledge of almost all mainstream diseases which is why it’s important to have one if you are clueless about doctors and specialities. General Physician caters most of your health problems and keeps an eye out for any disturbances in your health. GP may be able to help you out with psychological problems at times.

Lahore hosts tons of hospitals and is the eighteenth largest city in the world hosting about 11million people. If you are living in Lahore, you can find a General Physician in Lahore, and start your routine today. 

How Can a GP Help Your All Over Healthcare

General Care

You can talk to a GP about anything and he should have answers. If you’re thinking of flu shots, allergies, or googling your problems up, he is the one who could answer your problems and queries. Other than queries, if you get a cough, a headache, a sore throat, depression may be then GP is your saviour. You should be on a single page with your GP, whether you have any physical problems or any other. 

Comfort Zone

Your primary health care person is the one you talk about everything about your body and mental health. It is a necessity that you do because he will be able to diagnose your smallest of problems and will guide you to come over it. For this you need to trust each other a lot and be comfortable in his presence to talk about anything that troubles you. It could be your emotional conditions too. As your mental health has a lot to do with your physical health.

Chronic Diseases

The General Physician is the one with your health history. If you ever had a flu and develop sinus or recurrent migraines, he would know this and will guide you into getting over them or at least how to cure them. Like sinus, which is a recurrent problem at times, there are many chronic diseases that might catch you later if things are left unnoticed. Chronic diseases like Diabetes, asthma or even Alzheimer’s (hope you never get near them) gradually affects you. So it is easier for the doctor to manage them or have it prevented if it is preventable.

GP On Guard

 When you are regularly having check ups and discussing everything with your GP, it will be easier to check out for any diseases. For example, if he knows something is troubling you he will have it tested or screened and diagnosed. It will clear out any possibility of disease catching you by surprise. As cancer is becoming more common, it would be easier and taken in time if you have coordinated properly with your GP.

General Physician for General Problems

If you’re holding on to your symptoms and waiting for it to go away it might lead you in a hospital. You need it to be checked and your General physician is an all-rounder doctor and best line of defense against any issue you might or might not have. From the tiniest of symptoms to many other problems he will guide you through and through it. You can talk to a GP about almost any concerns about bodily health or mental health. 

Your Medical History is with GP

When you’re regular on checkups and appointments with your general physician, he knows everything about your health conditions and you develop compatibility with him. It is easier for you to talk about health with your GP and knowing all your medical history, the GP will guide you through anything pretty easily. 

If you get into a problem that may be not for him to handle, he can guide you with a specialist. Knowing your behaviour patterns and history with psychological understanding, your primary care physician will give your case to someone he could trust you with.

The Final Takeaway

A primary care physician or a General physician is someone you need to be on a single page with regarding your healthcare. You should always consult with one if you’re having any sort of troubles. Be it mental, emotional or physical, your GP will guide you through it and if you’re going to be involved with any chronic diseases he will be your primary consultant.

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