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15 year old went missing from Ruskin

The Ruskin Police Department is asking for your help in locating a 15 year old female who went missing on Wednesday, July 5th from Ruskin High School, located at 17000 Ridge Rd. 

The student’s name is Giselle Garcia-Guiterrez. She was last seen wearing an orange shirt and blue jeans, with her hair pulled back in a ponytail with green hair extensions.

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Giselle is 5’2″ and weighs approximately 110 pounds. She may be in the area of the 7300 block of Piper Ave, near US 41 and Lumsden Rd. 

Any information about Giselle’s whereabouts should be reported to the Ruskin Police at 813-645-3113.

Giselle has a medical condition which requires medication on a daily basis. We are very concerned for her safety and well being, so we ask anyone who sees her or knows of her whereabouts to please contact us immediately.

Here are some discussed about the girl Giselle Garcia Guiterrez-

1. Giselle was a good student.

She did not have any trouble with the law or a history of discipline problems. She is Spanish, and speaks English very well. 

She is very beautiful and somewhat mysterious. She never got into any fights at school or on the streets, so she had no reason to leave of her own accord.

I have been told there is a boy in her class who has been asking for her since last week she’s been missing.

2. Giselle was abducted by 3 men after school, possibly around 3:15-3:30pm.

I believe she was abducted because she was forced into a vehicle and the circumstances surrounding the abduction are very suspicious. 

The driver’s side window of her car was found down (she always left it up) and she normally parked closer to the building, but that day, she’d parked close to the edge of the parking lot near where teenagers would congregate after school since there are no teachers or staff around at that time during school hours. 

No one knows who these men are, except maybe other teens saw Giselle talking to them before her abduction.

3. Their family is asking for the community’s help with their search.

The Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement has checked out her disappearance and determined that she was possibly abducted in Tallahassee, FL where her mother lives. She was last seen in Ruskin at 3:20pm on Wednesday, July 5th . 

Her car is not there (even though I know for a fact it’s parked at the high school ) and most of her personal belongings are missing. The Ruskin Police Department is doing everything they can, we believe.

4. There is surveillance video of Giselle walking to her car.

The time stamp on the back of her cell phone (at 4:01pm) and the timestamp on her last call shows 3:31pm, we believe she was leaving school alone after soccer practice and was abducted on the way to her car. 

The person who talked to Giselle that day had called back at 3:31pm and left a voicemail, so that’s why we know exactly what time Giselle was abducted, we believe. There are surveillance cameras at the school, but they are not working.

5. Someone saw Giselle getting into a car.

I got word of this the other day from a friend of mine who had some relatives at the high school where Giselle was last seen . 

They heard some students talking about how they saw Giselle walking with 2 Hispanic males and then got into a big black SUV , possibly a Tahoe or Yukon.

The vehicle was parked close to where she normally parked, so I’m sure she would have noticed it . 

But since the driver’s side window was down, she didn’t notice it because she would have stopped to check it out . That’s why I said the circumstances surrounding Giselle’s abduction are suspicious . She got into this car and then her family was not able to find her at the school.

6. The lead investigator believes Giselle is okay, but they can’t find her.

I do believe there is someone that knows where Giselle is , just like there was someone who knew where Amanda Berry or Gina DeJesus were before they were rescued. 

So I believe this person has some sort of information about Giselle’s whereabouts . I’m going to be honest with you, I am a little concerned about this investigator’s mindset about Giselle’s abduction because he thinks she just “walked away” from the school. He is wrong, as she was forced into a vehicle and abducted.

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