2022’s top prop trading accounts and What is Prop Trader?

In this article, we will talk about best trading accounts and how we can create their accounts.


Create an Account

Three unique funded trading programmes are offered by Earn2Trade. There are three options available: 

 During which time they are required to trade once per week and on at least 30 calendar days. Successful candidates will be given a full funding offer from Helio Trade Agreements or Appius type trading if adhere to rules and achieve 10% of the profit.

Gauntlet Mini is a program comparable to Top-step Future & Topstep Forex. Traders are required to abide by the rules and pay a monthly fee. The monthly cost covers access to Journalytix, webinars, and trading classes (TM). Then, an offering for a funded brokerage account will be sent to traders. 

What is prop trader and trader career pathway. The Trader Career Path is the newest curriculum offered by Earn2Trade. If they pass the Evaluation, traders are financed with a $25,000 account. Traders can advance their careers in trading and manage assets up to $200,000 after the Evaluation without having to pay a monthly subscription fee. With almost 20 options, Earn2Trade offers the widest selection of trading platforms. 


With a starting capital of $25,000, the Earn2Trade Trader Career Path has a monthly fee of $150. Five account sizes are available through the Gauntlet Mini programme: 25k for $150, 50k for $170, 75k for $245, 100k for $315k, and 150k for $350 each month.

The Gauntlet is also available for a 1 time cost of $343.2. Free trials for Earn2Trade accounts are not offered, but the savings below range from 20% to 40%.

How Much Cash Can You Bring In?

Traders receive 80% of all profits generated from the funds they receive.


It’s important to remember that FTMO’s currencies are its strongest suit. If you like to trade currencies, this is the perfect spot to think about opening a forex funded account. 44 currency pairings and 10 cryptocurrencies are available for trading. In addition, traders can trade cash indices, commodities, & stock CFDs.

Accessible are the free versions of the top three forex trading systems, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader


Per FTMO Challenge, the fee is only paid once. 10k account’s entry level participation fee is EUR 155. The prices for the 25k, 50k, 100k, and 200k are 250 EUR, 345 EUR, 540 EUR, and 1,080 EUR, respectively.

What Can Money Attract?

The capital available to traders ranges from $10,000 to $400,000. They also share profits 80/20. A trader will be paid 80% of whatever profit they make with the provided capital.

In addition, traders can maximize the Profit in their favour up to 90:10 for account sizes up to $2,000,000 by using the Scaling Plan for funded accounts.

Frequently asked questions.

A Forex Funding Program: What Is It?

 The trader establishes a relationship with a business that offers this programme and, in some situations, is permitted to keep up to 90% of earnings made. This is what we called a funded program.

You will first need to pass some sort of test to receive a forex-funded account. You must undergo an evaluation process in accordance with the guidelines established by the prop firm to demonstrate your competence as a forex-sponsored trader. You will be qualified to receive investment from of the firm’s capital if you satisfy all the standards. The company will then complete all the remaining formalities, freeing you to concentrate on trade.

The Best Funded Trader Program: How Do You Choose?

We recommended the top six businesses with the top trading forex funded schemes. But what standards should you keep in mind while you consider your options?

Legal authorization

Make sure any company you plan to trade with is a real, functioning business before doing so. Read every review & report you can find, as well as the small print.

Decent profit margin

Make sure the profit percentage is at least 50% of the profit. If possible, look for programmes that give more than 70% of revenues.

Sufficient trading resources

Verify if the company offers training, webinars, and all necessary documents. Instead of just providing you with trading funds, these services are where the company makes its part of the sale.

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