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24 Hours Fitness- Jordan Landing Plaza Airport Centre

Jordan Landing Plaza Airport Centre is a 24 Hour fitness center. It supports all your fitness needs, including personal trainers and group fitness classes. The facility offers pilates to yoga to boot cross training (boxing, kickboxing and more) to help you increase your overall strength

If you are in need of a workout or new routine, Jordan Landing Plaza Airport Centre is an option. It offers machines for cardio and weight training options as well as personal trainers who can help keep you on track during the journey of achieving your goals!

This gym is also open to travelers looking for a day pass, who can purchase the pass from the front desk at the airport. It’s located in a secured area of the airport, so it meets all safety regulations. So if you are looking for an affordable fitness-recommended option in Downtown Louisville, look no further than Jordan Landing Plaza Airport Centre!

Here some points are discussed about 24 hr fitness jordan landing

1. Membership:

The membership options are $14.99 per month or $149.99 annually as of November 1, 2010. This includes access to all facilities, special classes, and personal training at 24 Hour Fitness Airport Centre. There is a free week for new members!

2. Facilities:

There are over 100 cardio machines and 140 weight training machines available! All cardio machines allow you to view your heart rate on an electronic screen mounted on the machine.

3. Classes: 

Friendly & professional staff come together in a fun environment to create great workouts like Zumba, Pilates Mat yoga, Boot Camp and more!

4. Personal Training:

Our certified Personal Trainers will help push you to the next level! They will design a personalized workout plan that fits your goals and current fitness level. Their job is to help you reach those goals by giving “you a personalized fitness program based on your work ethic & commitment.” The best part is, they only want to work with members who are truly dedicated to their personal health & wellness so expect them to challenge you!

5. Nutritionist:

Jordan Landing Plaza Airport Centre is equipped with a nutritionist to help you better your general health and fitness. She can advise you on how to eat healthy that fits your needs and lifestyle.

6. Group Classes:

Jordan Landing Plaza Airport Centre offers all sorts of groups classes, including Zumba, Boot Camp, Cardio Dance, Body Combat and more. For more information about classes registration fees, please contact the staff.

7. Fitness Apps:

As of November 1, 2010, access to The 24 Hour Fitness App is included with your membership at Jordan Landing Plaza Airport Centre! This app allows you to track your workout routines for each day and even assess your diet if you choose to do so by uploading a photo of your favorite meal and keeping an eye on how much you eat. You can also see where the most calories burned or calories eaten are at the 24 Hour Fitness App.

8. Services:

Members are able to track the distance they have swam during their workout and compare it against other members in their age group or gender. They can also use this to track how many calories they burned during the workout. 

General rules are said to be: no sleeping, no smoking on the treadmill or elliptical, and flip-flops are not allowed on weight training floors. Children three years and older must be able to pass the swim test to use the pool.

9. Discounts:

24 Hour Fitness Airport Centre is located in a secured airport area in Louisville, KY, allowing members to purchase a 24 Hour Fitness Day Pass for $ 19.99. This pass can be purchased at the front desk of 24 Hour Fitness Airport Centre!

There are many other great deals for seniors and military discounts! For more information on these, click here !

10. Location: 

The location of Jordan Landing Plaza Airport Centre is at 1201 Airfield Road Suite 201 , Louisville KY 40209. The directions are to take I-264 to exit 83. Right onto Louisville exit (US-31). Right onto Airport Rd. 

Then when you get to the first light, turn left. The airport is on your right, in a large parking lot. The closest airport is Louisville International Airport at 800 Westport Road , Louisville KY 40209. The nearest airport to Louisville is about 35 miles away from the location of Jordan Landing Plaza Airport Centre.

11. Parking: 

There is parking available for members at the Jordan Landing Plaza Airport Centre for $1 per hour. Members are able to pay for their parking at the cashier station. Any other parking lots around Louisville are free.

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