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7 New Thoughts About PC Games That Will Turn Your World Upside Down

The traditional model for games is being revamped by an emerging new type of game called “pc” games. Simply put, these are games you play on your own computer or laptop. They’re not the type of file that’s zipped and downloaded through a browser like most mobile phone apps. They’re also not like console games where you connect a controller to your computer but instead require either a mouse and keyboard or a separate game controller purchased separately. Where to find straw in skyrim? They’re games that require a computer, but they’re not games that can be played exclusively on a computer. They let you experience the computer’s capability through the game and connect you to your audience.

Pc games have been around since the 1980s but they were always considered niche and out-of-date, used mostly by hardcore gamers with fast computers who didn’t mind spending hundreds of dollars on hardware upgrades in order to keep up with the latest gaming trends.

7 New Thoughts About PC Games That Will Turn Your World Upside Down :

1. PC games can be played across a variety of devices

The reason why you don’t see a lot of pc titles is because the game industry has always been based on consoles. Since people play games using controllers and not keyboard & mouse, they are used to playing console games exclusively on a TV set. This means that they have had to use their controllers instead of keyboards and mice to navigate their computer when playing online games. 

But now there are devices that bridge the gap between consoles and computers, like steam boxes and OUYA, which allow controller users to experience PC gaming without the use of their controllers. These kinds of devices have opened up an entirely new market for pc gaming .

2. PC games are cheaper than console games

Most of us have been playing pc titles for free via a browser or smartphone app. This means that PC games are less expensive to make and offer a lower barrier of entry for developers. We don’t need to worry about developing the console version that eventually sells for hundreds of dollars or more per game, because we can focus on creating our awesome pc titles. Or at least that’s what we used to think…

3. Limitless gameplay possibilities with no DLC’s

There used to be this belief among publishers and developers in the game industry (sometimes reinforced by marketing) that if we only made bigger and better games, people would play them. But the truth is that people love free and free-to-play games. They don’t mind paying small amounts of money to maintain a particular game.

While the console and mobile industries have grown, due to expensive consoles and graphics chipsets, pc games have come closer to the lowest price points for their respective platforms. For instance, it’s possible for a first person shooter to be played on most PCs for less than $5 if you know where to look and what’s available .

4. The death of DRM :

We all hate DRM and piracy is a problem . But, the issue of DRM is becoming less and less of a problem because of the development of new technologies that have gotten rid of or bypassed the need for it. Regardless, PC games are almost always going to be cheaper than console games no matter where you buy them, so there really should be no need for DRM to begin with.

5. Pc games can be made cheaper via crowdsourcing

There are a number of online platforms that allow developers and designers to present their idea to the public and get paid in return for their idea, if it’s liked by the audience. These platforms are often referred to as “crowd-sourcing” platforms and they provide a more affordable way to create and market games than the traditional game development process.

6. The practice of open source has allowed pc games to be made cheaper

The practice of open-source has allowed the game development process to be more affordable, which is something that’s been lost in recent years. Beginner game developers can now spend less time on core programming and more time with marketing (which used to be part of the job description). Open-source software allows more people with less experience to participate in the development process, which lowers costs overall.

7. The rise of the open source platform:

The role of the programmer has shifted from a job that is harder becoming easier. Open source software and online platforms have reduced the barrier for entry for programmers and designers to become indie game developers and has encouraged more people to start making games from their home office or dorm room. In short, it’s made so that anyone can make a pc game (as an indie developer), even if they don’t have any experience creating a single playable version of a game. So, if you want to become one of those indie game developers, you don’t need expensive equipment and you don’t need access to expensive programmers.

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