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Why Finance Is Harder Than You Think

As you start your first couple of jobs in finance, you’ll realize that noble finance anadarko ok is a lot more complicated than you imagined. Many things have to be taken into consideration, many of which are nowhere near as easy as they seem. And because those rules and regulations can change all the time, it’s important to know the ins and outs of the industry if you want to advance in your career. That’s why we’ve put together this post all about why finance is tougher than you think – so that it doesn’t take you by surprise and leave a bad taste in your mouth!

Don’t let these lessons be lost on someone else who might need them more.

1. You will be surrounded by people who are a lot smarter than you.

The first thing that hits you when you get into finance is the people that surround you. You’ll be surrounded by people who have gone to the best schools, been involved in the best organizations, and have accomplished the most in their given fields. As an intern, you’ll get assigned to one of these people for a few months (or longer if you’re lucky). It’s really intimidating at first because you don’t want to look stupid and feel like your working with someone who knows everything. But as time goes on, you realize that they don’t know everything at all – they made mistakes just like everyone else!

2. People want to feel special and important – especially when it comes to money.

People are complicated beings, and people who work in finance are no different. In finance, people make a lot of money. They are paid extremely well and oftentimes they come out at the top of their organizations. That makes them feel good about themselves, and they start to feel more important than others. All pretty normal things, but be prepared because it can really get ridiculous sometimes!

For example: I once had a boss that would only speak to me on the phone if I called him “Sir” (which by the way was his first name). He would always make sure to tell me that he was better than me and I should be more respectful. He was obsessed with his own self-worth and would constantly bring it up in meetings. It got so bad that everyone at the firm just ignored him and did what they wanted because they didn’t care. But because he was a close friend of the CEO, nothing could be done about it. Just be prepared for anything like this if you work in finance!

3. You will constantly have new bosses/colleagues/staff to deal with

One of the hardest parts of working in finance is that you never really know who you’re going to be working with from day to day – or even month to month. Being in a support role, you will constantly get new staff (interns and analysts) that you have to help on a daily basis. But because finance is such a competitive industry, many employees try to move up within their company as quickly as possible. Sometimes they realize that they hate their job or don’t want to be there anymore and just leave. In the meantime, you will have to work with literally everyone who comes in and out of the office and you’ll never know who’s going to stay!

Be prepared because this is the first time in your life where you’re going to be working with so many people at once! It can be stressful but if done correctly it can really push your communication skills forward.

4. You will need to be organized and able to work under pressure.

First off, you will probably be working with a lot of people. On top of that, many people who work in finance are Type A personalities. And if you are working on a trade desk, they want things done correctly and as fast as possible. Usually this means giving them the information they need with just enough time to react, but not enough time to think about it too much or get nervous. Whatever information you’re providing is usually a “bad” piece of news that someone doesn’t want to hear about – be prepared for that!

5. Not everything can be broken down into formulas and numbers

One of the great things about working in finance is that you get to analyze data, build models, and come up with solutions to problems. But there are times when you have to deal with a situation that just can’t be solved by math. You might have to call someone up or even go speak to them in person about something. When you do this, there is a lot that you need to be prepared for. The good news is, the more people you talk to, the better you’ll get at your job!


Finance is no easy task, but it can be a rewarding one. If you work hard and put your mind to it, you will be rewarded with more than you can imagine as long as you keep learning and putting in the work.

Aaron Finch
There are many labels that could be given to describe me, but one thing’s for certain: I am an entrepreneur with passion. Whether it's building websites and social media campaigns for new businesses or traveling the world on business trips - being entrepreneurs means constantly looking at yourself in a different light so as not get bored of your own success!