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7 Reasons Why You Must Engage a Fulfillment Services Provider

Managing a business is indeed a cumbersome task. And if you’re maintaining in-house logistics also then it’s definitely an added headache. This is the major reason why most business owners are now switching to order fulfillment services that can manage logistics on their behalf.

Let it be the same day delivery, ensuring on-time delivery or maintaining the inventory, a third party logistics provider can manage it all for you. However, these are not the only reasons why you need to engage an order fulfillment company. There are numerous other ways a fulfilment service provider company can help your business. Let’s have a look at them:

Less Operational Costs

When you outsource your logistic management to a third-party, you instantly reduce your operational costs. Because by doing so, you don’t have to rent out a storage place, hire employees and manage your deliveries.

Running an in-house order fulfillment service is undoubtedly an additional cost as well as responsibility. Most businesses experience added workload only during peak seasons when they’ve to hire additional workers and rent-out extra space. However, with a fulfillment service provider, you don’t have to worry about such tasks. It’s their responsibility to manage and deliver your orders.  

Timely Deliveries

Another big reason why most e-commerce businesses turn to fulfillment services is the in-time delivery of their products. These companies usually have an extensive chain of warehouses located throughout the country. This helps to ensure that your orders are delivered safely and in time to your customers.

Reduced Shipping Costs

As these companies deal in bulk, the shipping charges they offer are significantly less as compared to what you will have to bear if you manage it yourself. So, it’s safe to say that it is a wise choice to avail cheaper shipping costs through a fulfillment services provider. Moreover, you can also get to enjoy the discounts that the company offers both on regional and international shipping. This, however, depends on the services you have selected.

Helps in the Growth of Your Business

This is no hidden secret that the e-commerce businesses that are thriving the most use third-party logistic support. When you have someone at your back that is managing all your orders, deliveries as well as maintaining your inventory, you can utilize that time for making your business grow. You can focus more on marketing, sales and promotions of your products that will, in turn, make your business thrive.

Therefore, if you’re planning to make your e-commerce store a success, you must engage any fulfillment service provider to manage your logistics. Similarly, if you’re thinking about expanding your market, fulfillment service providers can help you as they have strong distribution networks.      


One of the basic reasons why the majority of businesses hire fulfillment services is because of flexibility and adaptability. When you involve a fulfillment service provider for managing your logistics, you get the liberty to choose the location of your warehouse. You only have to pay for the amount of space that you will be using rather than paying for the whole warehouse. Likewise, fulfillment service providers usually have different warehouses in different parts of the country. So, in case of delivering orders to different cities, you can still ensure timely deliveries as their logistic support is quite reliable.

Use of Latest Technology

Most ecommerce companies use the latest technology to keep a track of your inventory. Therefore, when you engage any fulfillment service providing company, you get access to the warehouse management system (WMS). You can use this feature to keep a track of the products conveniently.

Hiring such a company comes with a lot of perks. Not going through the hassle of managing a warehouse but still having easy and timely access to your available inventory is one of them. Moreover, using WMS you will be notified before time if you’re running low on any item so you can restock it.

Time Management

As stated above, when you have someone who’s going to manage logistics on your behalf, you can shift your focus to other tasks. After hiring such a company, it becomes easy for businesses to manage their time and other resources. It allows them to manage their time efficiently.

There you have it! These are some of the reasons how engaging third-party fulfillment services can help you in growing your business.

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