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8 Basic PMP Study Tips in Preparing for the PMP Examination

Project management jobs are becoming increasingly popular among youth. A large number of organizations are spending millions annually to hire efficient project managers who will be able to steer a project towards success. The role of a project manager is crucial to the success of a company. Without project managers, a business project has little chance of survival in this tough competition. To find out the right candidate for a project manager, companies rely on certifications that will prove the credibility of an individual. One such certification is the PMP or Project Management Professional Certification. It is meant for those individuals who want to build a career in project management. 

The PMP certification is accredited by the PMI or the Project Management Institute. It is awarded after a rigorous examination process that has to be passed to attain the certification. The PMP has become very popular with HR heads of companies and also recruiters around the world. A possible reason for this could be the change in business patterns. There has been urgency in the economic conditions of big nations. This urgency is driven by volatile conditions. An efficient project manager would be able to help a company sail through volatility.

Why do you need the PMP certification?

Apart from business goals, PMP also helps individuals achieve their dream job in the corporate sector. If you are a PMP certified professional, you would be hired almost immediately. A PMP certificate holder is given more importance than a non-certified candidate. Though this might seem biased, it is necessary to sieve through thousands of applicants. The main objective behind the PMP certification is to equip individuals with efficient project management skills so that they will be able to help their organizations handle their projects in a better way. 

The PMP examination

The PMP certification examination is conducted every year and is considered a tough exam. The exam consists of 200 objective questions that need to be answered within a time frame of 4 hours. Although the exam might seem easy, it is quite the opposite. To ace the exam, one needs a few tips and tricks that have been tried and tested for effectiveness by previous candidates.

PMP examination study tips

If you want to score well in your PMP examinations and ace it in the first try, here are some of the most basic PMP examination study tips for you. 

  1. Study the PMBOK guide.

This is the basic handbook that every PMP aspirant must go through before appearing for the exam. It would equip you with the necessary skills required for acing the exam. Go through the entire length of the book at least twice

2.Go through the PMP website. 

A lot of candidates skip or miss the most important PMP guidelines. These guidelines might not help you pass the exam but, they can help you ensure that you are taking proper care of the essential requirements of the exam. 

3.Prepare a timetable.

Time management skills are a must-have if you want to become successful in the PMP exam. This can be achieved by preparing a time table. If you devote the necessary time to each topic, you would be able to master the exam in the first try.

4.Buy study guides.

There are plenty of study guides that will assist you in the examination process. Buy some good-quality books and prepare yourself for the exam.

5.Solve practice questions.

The PMP exam questions are often based on a particular pattern. If you are able to identify those patterns, you will be able to figure out what strategy you need to adopt for the exam. 

6.Sign up for online courses.

You might not realize this, but online courses can help you to prepare well for the exam. They offer various study modules that will ensure that you cover each topic of the PMP exam. You can even take their practice tests to know where you stand.

7.Attend workshops.

A lot of questions in the PMP exam will test how well you can apply the project management principles in real life. If you attend workshops, you will be able to implement effective project management skills in real life that would help you in the exam.

8.Join a PMP preparation group.

PMP preparation groups can help you study with peers. A group study can help you because you will be able to find answers to any problem. Mutual cooperation will lead to a better study environment.

These were the most basic tips that you would need to pass your PMP exams. All these tips can only be effective if you stay motivated and focused.

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