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8 Incredibly Useful SPORTS Tips For Small Businesses

It’s a well-known fact that sports and the odd sports word whizzle can bring people together to form new friendships and create memories that last a lifetime. One of the most beloved games is football. However, the NFL is quickly becoming more popular than college football, which means many Americans are missing out on one of our nation’s favorite pastimes.

As 2017 approaches, it’s important to get family members and friends together with some snacks and enjoy some good old fashioned flag football! Here are 8 tips for getting started with playing flag football in your backyard:

8 useful sports tips for small businesses are:

1. Safety first 

Always make sure the play area is safe. Flag football can be played in a wide area or a small corner of your backyard depending on how many participants are involved. If you are playing outside on grass, make sure there are no old toys, glass or other dangerous objects lying around for the players to trip over or fall on. 

2. Set up your various stations

To start off, you should set up a couple of stations for your players to try out. At each station, you should supply the player with a ball, field markers and flags (or other instigating material). There are many different types of flags to choose from. There are many different positions in the game of flag football. Make sure you have enough flags and cones to create several stations for each position. It is important that a parent or older sibling is available to help the players stay within their boundaries and run to the next station at a specific time.

3. Find some clothing

Make sure there are plenty of jerseys, helmets, and other clothes that can be worn during the game. Keep your field dry and free from mucky spots or water so everyone can play in clean attire. Wearing bright, colored clothing will make it easier for players to find their flags as they get farther away from the main group. It is also possible to purchase special colored shirts at most sporting goods stores.

4. Keep score

In order to keep the players honest and interested, it is important that a parent or older sibling is available to keep score and make sure cheating does not occur. It does not matter if you use a scoreboard app on your phone, or simply write down each team’s score on a piece of paper—just be sure to make it fun for everyone!


5. Prepare for the game ahead of time

If you are going to host a game day party, do as much planning and preparation as you can before inviting your family and friends over. This will help cut down on stress during game time. If possible, create teams even before the day of the event so everyone knows what position they will be playing in advance.

6. Don’t forget the snacks

Along with purchasing colored shirts or flags, also make sure you have enough snacks to go around. It is always a good idea to have some healthy choices on hand for the competitive team members and their families. Water is also usually a good idea to keep everyone hydrated during the day. It is always good to provide snacks to your players and spectators at game time. Hotdogs and chips are a classic choice but don’t forget about other favorite party foods like fruit kebabs, veggies with dip and anything else you can dream of!

7. Play often

Be sure to invite your friends and family over for more backyard games soon! Flag football is a lot of fun and can be played by kids of any age. It is also a great way to stay fit and active all year round. It is important for families to have fun together, especially during the holidays when it can be tough to get everyone home for the holidays all at once. Make sure to schedule game night often so that your family will be able to stay connected and make new memories for years to come!

8. Make it a tradition

Before the event is over, have everyone sign the football and make a promise to each other that they will keep playing flag football for one more year! This may seem silly but it’s important to make sure that you continue an activity you truly enjoy. After all, finding ways to connect and socialize with family members is one of the best things about being alive!

The article was originally written in Dec 2015. Updated in Jan 2017.


Flag Football is a great exercise and helps build eyesight, strength and coordination among the players. Playing the game can be very fun and it can help keep everybody healthy and fit.

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