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Everyone should know about the potential health risks of their regular habits. The bad news is that people are still making poor decisions which may be harmful to their health. The article will help you debunk these myths and understand some of the most common health habits, what they can do for your body and why everyone should follow them. Maybe just text this message has been temporarily removed because the sender’s account requires verification.

#1 Myth: People who exercise regularly live longer

This is a myth that has been perpetuated for years by the media. However, recent studies have found that lack of physical activity can lead to premature death in some people. In fact, low levels of physical activity are associated with an increased risk of mortality, especially in those over the age of 60. Regular exercise can be protective against some chronic diseases, but these benefits are not necessarily attributed to a long life due to active lifestyles. The truth is that no one knows how many hours or days required for our bodies to reap the benefits from exercising and there’s no way to know which number is correct without testing everyone individually.

#2 Myth: Drinking more water will help me lose weight

While it is true that drinking water will make you feel fuller and thus reduce your desire to eat junk food, there is no scientific evidence that suggests that simply drinking water is enough to help you lose weight. There’s also no evidence to suggest that drinking large amounts of water has any other health benefits over just drinking enough to quench your thirst. One of the most effective ways to lose weight is by eating a balanced diet and getting plenty of exercise, so don’t fall into the “hydration” trap.

#3 Myth: Smoking cigarettes causes lung cancer

The general consensus today is that smoking cigarettes leads to lung cancer. However, recent research has found that it is not the number of cigarettes smoked, but the ability to quit smoking that causes cancer. It is true that women who smoke have an increased risk of developing lung cancer and heart disease compared to women who do not smoke. It’s still unclear what exactly causes these increased risks as they are too small to be apparent through a simple exam.

#4 Myth: Eating processed foods will make me sick

This myth has been perpetuated by companies trying to sell their products in grocery stores. The truth is you can get just as many nutrients from healthy whole foods as you can when eating processed junk food. Of course, healthy whole foods will not have any added preservatives and sugars and should be your first option if you want to stay healthy. Some of the worst things you can eat are processed meats like hot dogs and pepperoni pizza which can contain high levels of nitrites. In the past, these meats were found to cause cancer in lab animals while the risk of them causing cancer in humans is unclear.

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#5 Myth: I need to drink milk every day to get calcium

It is true that drinking milk will provide your body with calcium, but it may not be as beneficial as many people believe. The best source of calcium are vegetables since they provide you with both insoluble and soluble forms of this important mineral. In addition, most calcium supplements contain vitamin D which will cause your body to absorb far less calcium than it naturally would.

#6 Myth: I can’t get anemia by eating meat

This is another myth that has been perpetuated by the media. Some vegetarians believe that they are immune to anemia since they do not eat any animal products. The truth is that you can consume too many vegetables and still be at risk of developing anemia. The best type of iron for vegetarians comes from legumes and dark leafy greens since the body can absorb these types of iron more easily than red meat or poultry.

#7 Myth: I shouldn’t get vaccines

Vaccines protect you and your family from getting infectious diseases. There are many anti-vaccination movements that believe that vaccines cause autism in children, however there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. It’s true that vaccinations can cause side effects but the benefits of getting vaccinated far outweigh the risks associated with contracting a disease you would otherwise have been protected against.

#8 Myth: Regular exercise will help me live longer

While exercise does extend your life in healthy people, more regular exercise will not necessarily make a difference to your life span than an otherwise healthy individual that exercises less frequently. The truth is that no one knows how much you need to exercise to reap these benefits. The process of aging is complex and the body’s ability to repair itself throughout your life is intricate. Regular exercise might burn more calories or improve the functioning of your heart and lungs, but there’s no evidence that it can extend or slow down the aging process.

#9 Myth: I don’t need probiotics because they’re good for my gut

The bacteria in your gut help regulate many functions in your body including digestion and immune response. Probiotics are sometimes used as a cure-all since they’re supposed to help prevent everything from diarrhea to allergies, but this isn’t necessarily true. As with most other interventions, you should consult with a professional when addressing things like constipation or allergies.


It is clear that many of our current dietary ideas and practices are based on myths. Today, the media and the food industry have more influence over the average consumer than anything else. We have been told that cooked meat makes you sick because it’s not natural, don’t drink milk because it’s bad for you, never eat butter or margarine and so on. Let these four myths help you tune out all of the noise around you and be your own health expert instead.

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