Adding CBD To Your Post Workout Drinks

Adding CBD To Your Post Workout Drinks For Better Recovery

My husband and I have been fit and active our whole lives, both gym-ing regularly and playing football so it is safe to say we know a decent amount about post-workout recovery and rest. A friend of ours told and recommended a product to us that not only has a long list of health benefits but is organic and all-natural, it piqued our interest. 

We began our research and in-depth homework into the topic and learned a significant amount about a product that has been around for centuries yet not used to its full potential. A humble plant and flower known as CBD, or in more technical terms Cannabidiol, we discovered how it could dramatically aid our fitness regime for the better.

CBD advantages.

There is a daily increasing poll on the positives CBD has given to people’s lives, see some of them in this article, and what sealed the deal for us to initially begin our CBD journey was the fact that it contained no additives, preservatives, or harsh chemicals to keep it on the shelves of shops or markets essentially for a few years like with other products we find today.

We may make the effort to read ingredients labels on the items we buy but most of us have no idea how to pronounce those 10-letter words or even worse know what they stand for. 

It could be filled with toxic pesticides that speed up the harvesting process yet have negative long-term effects on our bodies that we only experience years down the line when there is no possible way to trace it back to the source.  

You want products that are organic, naturally grown, and that deliver on the promises they state on the tin. Even more so when it means you are implementing them into your lifestyles and schedules and need that helping hand with your fitness program. 

We came to discover that CBD has a long list of health benefits, treating minor to significantly major issues, and even leaning towards the treating and slowing down of cancer-causing tumor growths. 

The great thing is, is that there is something suited for every-one of every age, demographic, including pets, so there is no excuse not to elevate the quality of life you are living with the help of a Mother-Nature-grown plant.   

Add to your life.

CBD comes in many forms too, giving it a major appeal factor: you can take it as a supplement in the morning as you head out the door on the way to work for a boost of morale and mental well-being, or add to your dinner after a long day to help you to relax and unwind. 

For us, adding a few drops into our shake after an intense workout session helped to relieve the achiness of damaged muscles, as great as it feels because you know you have pushed yourself, if they can recover quicker and you can get back to the gym the better.

Find what works for you, take a browse at where you can not only see the range of products available and suited to your different needs, but professional advice is on hand if it all seems too much and you get overwhelmed. Simply talking to industry experts can help steer you in the right direction.

A brief chat.

CBD is changing the way of the future, for our health, our children and pets, and our general well-being. It has aided cultures and been implemented into religions and traditions for centuries, history and documents have shown its efficacy from helping Chinese Emperors with their gout to English royals with menstrual cramps. 

We have been given a natural product that lets us treat and manage physical and mental problems and issues, and all without chemicals, win-win.

What makes this ingredient so sought after is that it does not contain the THC component which gives you the euphoric ‘high’ feeling such as that found in marijuana (CBD is a cousin of the marijuana plant but with the THC element extracted before consumption).

THC can be extremely harmful especially if taken by older folk or young children, and why you must check the quality and source of origin when purchasing your CBD products. 

A few tips to look for when choosing your products will make you aware of what raises a red flag and which to avoid.

  • Concentration. There should be less than 0.3% THC present for it to be considered safe for human and animal consumption, see an interesting article on THC and CBD safety in food and oils.
  • Stamp of origin. This should be visible, and not an issue for companies who pride themselves on a quality product.
  • Extraction process. The safest and most effective extraction process is one done using CO2, this too will be stated on the packaging. If another method is used, be sure to read the fine print as certain methods leave more solvent residue at the end of the procedure which is then within the CBD product essentially ‘diluting’ it to an extent.

No matter what products we purchase, and more so with new ones we will always do some form of homework, read reviews, and browse customer comments on company websites, and this is no different when it comes to CBD.

We are buying an ingredient to implement into our food and lifestyle and the more you know the better, as the old saying goes, rather be safe than sorry.

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