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The Names of Sporting Heros that Dominate the Sporting World

When it comes to professional sports, it is only the very few and the very best who make it to the top. The competition is fierce, and those who want to make a name for themselves as heroes of the sporting world need to make sure that they stand out from the crowd. There are some who make it, and there are some who go further and become heroes of their sports and of the sporting world in general. Here we take a look at some of the sporting heroes who dominate the sporting world and give us plenty to enjoy, and even more to bet on.

Frankie Dettori

When you think of a sporting hero, you think of someone who is a master of their sport, a memorable personality and a force for good. Look no further than one of sport’s most recognisable, charismatic and skilled jockeys. Dettori is a household name not only due to his larger than life character, but also because of his domination of his sport. He has certainly always been a bettor’s favourite, whether fans bet at the races or online at Timeform. His iconic flying dismounts are often the first thing that people think of when they hear his name, but they are really just the icing on the cake when it comes to his skill at the races. Having won the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe a record breaking six times, he really is one of the best sporting heroes of his time. He has also provided many bettors with a big win and is always a joy to watch on the course.

Harry Kane 

Having made his way through the Spurs academy before bursting onto the scene under the guidance of Mauricio Pochettino, Kane is in the habit of breaking BPL records every week. When it comes to putting down a bet, Kane is always a good avenue as he is as consistent as he is talented. As the winner of the coveted Golden Boot at the last Football World Cup, Kane has also proven that he is a top performer in big tournaments as well as in the Premier League. Seen as a role model to those around him, and to young football players around the world, there are many who dream of following in the footsteps of this dominating sporting hero.

Lester Piggot 

There are some who have an effect on their sport, and then there are those who are instrumental in crafting it. Piggot, who started racing horses at just the age of 10 and won his first race at the tender age of just 12, is not only a hero of horse racing, but also an icon. With his dry wit and dark sense of humour, he was as interesting off the course as he was talented on it. He was a dream for every bettor out there due to his professionalism, skill and dedication to his sport. “The Long Fellow” will certainly be remembered as a sporting hero for many years to come.

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