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Affordable Solution for Small Businesses – SAP B1 Starter Package

Gone are the days when digitization and automation were seen in big companies and factories only. We all have grown up seeing the chocolate factory videos where giant robotic machineries used to work more than the humans. And looking at that we had always wished for the same technology no matter what size of our business is. Today, even the start up with mere 1-5 users require a business management software, because the resources have to utilized in more beneficial and critical tasks other than absorbing them for the mundane paperwork. 

Not just the owners want their company to be best but the employees too wish to be a part of the enterprise that is technically advanced and updated as per the current trends in the industry. To make this wish come true for both the owners and the employees, SAP Business One Starter Package has come to the rescue. It is the one complete solution that all the leaders wish for their company.

Let’s learn in detail about the same…

What is SAP Business One Starter Package and How is it Different?

SAP Business One is a well-known and globally accepted ERP Software with proven capabilities and features to satisfy the needs and demands of the small to mid-sized business owners. But, considering startup and even smaller businesses’ requirements too, SAP came up with this unique and affordable one complete solution capable of integrating all the necessary applications of the business and managing the end-to-end management.

SAP Business One starter package has got everything that you expect from SAP Business One ERP, just that the functions of the same have been compacted in a smaller and affordable version to make it accessible for all the aspiring and emerging businesses to afford.

It helps the small businesses grow and switch to scaled up versions. Just like SAP Business One, this package is scalable too and you can easily add or remove the number of users anytime you feel like. 

What does the Starter Package Include?

The SAP Business One starter package includes all the necessary business management functions like:

  1. The finance and accounting module to look after all the banking and accounting stuff, all the transactions go through a pre-approved procedure to avoid the tax filing hassles later. Plus, it keeps the track of all the finances and purchases made to help you make smarter decisions.
  1. The inventory and stock situation to keep you well updated on what’s there in the store and what needs to be purchased. It predicts the requirements well before the time considering the pending orders to avoid the wastage and overstock situations.
  1. The sales and orders can be well informed ensuring the timely deliveries to the customers with this feature. Also, it keeps a complete track of all the orders right from the raw materials to the batches of the final output. It conducts thorough quality checks to ensure the compromise-free product and services.
  1. The CRM and vendor list make sure you never miss out on making new opportunities with your loyal customers and make timely orders with trusted vendors in the contact list on the go.
  1. The HRM feature lets you focus on your employees too amid all the business processes and deliveries. From salaries to attendance, it keeps a record of all of that.
  1. The in-built reporting feature helps SMEs add the business intelligence to the decisions they make from the analytical reports prepared.

And all this at a much affordable price than what you can imagine. So, if you’re a startup, don’t feel yourself deprived of digitalization, leverage the SAP Business One Starter Package today!

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