Columbia river gorge

Best Places to Stay Near Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia River is a vast river starting from BC, Canada and runs through Washington and Oregon – emptying into the Pacific Ocean. The Columbia River Gorge is a canyon stretching 80 miles and 1200 meters deep through the river.

The marvelous natural creation is home to various animal and plant species, protected forest areas, and several recreational zones for locals and tourists alike.

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What can you do near the Columbia River Gorge area?

Multnomah Falls

You can visit the tallest waterfalls in Oregon – Multnomah Falls, 620 ft in height. The waterfall can be viewed from an old but sturdy concrete bridge – a view that will give you chills. Apart from the concrete bridge, you can also go under the bridge – giving you an excellent photography shot. The waterfalls and adjacent gift shop and lodge are easily accessible via a hiking trail.

Mt. Hood National Forest

The Mount Hood National Forest is 62 miles off east from Portland and accessible from the Columbia River Gorge – it encompasses more than a million acres in area. An excellent getaway for backpackers – the forest houses many lakes, hundreds of pine and cedar trees, snow-covered forest paths, and wild animals. You can also ski in designated areas under supervision or go for a hike.

Columbia Hills Historical State Park

If camping is what you want – Columbia Hills Historical State Park is the ideal location for you. The park spans more than 3300 acres and houses a lake – an extension of the Columbia River. Lakeside camping sounds romantic, right? Even more romantic is the proximity to a wildflower bed farm – pluck a sunflower or lavender and present it to your significant other.

Staying near the Columbia River Gorge area

Columbia Gorge Hotel & Spa

Stay at this 3-star hotel located adjacent to the Hood River – it offers a scenic view of the river, gorge, and mountains and a comfortable stay. Some amenities are provided here – spa, free wifi, access to a huge garden area, and lots of delicious food. The per-day room rate ranges between $150-$250.

Columbia Cliff Villas Hotel

The Columbia Cliff Villa service is the perfect getaway for your tour if you want a villa experience. The villas feature an in-house fully equipped kitchen, a study room with the essential amenities for families and lone travelers, and a comfortable bedroom. The hotel offers a breathtaking view of the Hood River, the gorge area, and adjacent forests. The avg. per day room ranges between $200-$300.

Best Western Plus Columbia River Inn

Closer to Portland city and Multnomah Falls, we have this river inn where you can lay your luggage down and escape for your much-needed getaway. The hotel has many amenities – a fitness area, a decent swimming pool, a river viewing deck area, and a restaurant. The per-day room rate ranges between $150-$250.

What is the best time to visit the Columbia River Gorge area and the weather?

When do you want to visit the Columbia River Gorge area? Have you decided yet? The answer you are seeking will depend on the goals of your visit.

If you are interested to see blooming wildflowers around the Hood River area and the neighboring forest area – April through June is the best time to visit.

The Columbia River Gorge area can get pretty crowded during summer times – the best time to avoid the crowd and enjoy your stay is from mid-September to October. You can avoid rainfall and harsh chilly weather during these months as well.

What else can you do when near Columbia River Gorge?

You can visit Portland city while you’re at it – some of the best things to do in Portland are:

  • Visit the historic Pittock Mansion.
  • Explore the vast Oregon Zoo.
  • Learn a little about the history and culture of Portland at the Portland Art Museum.
  • Get amused at the Oaks amusement park.
  • The Grotto is a peaceful catholic shrine featuring a serene garden.
  • Have the most relaxing experiences at the Lan Su Chinese garden & Portland Japanese Garden.
  • Shop and feast at the Portland Saturday market.


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