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Web Tools to Check for Plagiarized Content

Copying work from another person is wrong in all aspects may it be morally, ethically, or legally. Many internet tools can be used to catch plagiarism. Still, you must know about the most premium and easy to use services. 

In this post, we will tell you about the top-notch web tools that can be used to check plagiarism in your own content or the one submitted to you. 

Checking plagiarism has become especially important because today you have to save yourself from deliberate attempts of plagiarism and accidental cases.

Top plagiarism tools for catching duplication and replication!

We have tried and tested the plagiarism checker tools listed in the section below!

This is one of the modern and leading websites available on the internet. This plagiarism checker uses AI to screen out duplication and replication from your content. The work of this plagiarism checker free is quite interesting. When you enter the text in this plagiarism input box interface, it would first analyze it and then break it into small divisions of mere five to six words. These divided phrases are then compared with billions of web pages and sites integrated with the site. You would get an incredibly detailed plagiarism report which will tell you about the ratio of duplicate content and its authenticity. Overall, it is a user-friendly tool, and you should surely try it out.


The tool’s name makes you think that it has something to do with grammar and it is true, this tool can easily help you check out grammar mistakes, but this is not only what it is famous for. The tool also offers plagiarism checking features in its business/premium plan. The plagiarism checker tool by Grammarly is an exceptionally reliable service that can help you detect not only deliberate but also accidental plagiarism. This plagiarism checker tool uses AI to screen out duplicates from your content so you can easily trust their results. This plagiarism checker tool can be used by students, writers, and teachers who want to evaluate the content submitted by their pupils!


Copyscape is a great web tool for finding plagiarism and all sorts of replications, especially in educational content. This plagiarism checker tool is among the oldest scanning services that you can find on the internet. It has gathered a very good reputation in producing accurate and detailed results. This plagiarism checker has a free version which you can use with some limitations. If you want premium service and the word ad-in of the tool, you have to pay a small subscription fee. The plagiarism checker tool can check duplications in raw text, upload files, and complete websites by using URL.

WhiteSmoke plagiarism checker

This web tool can be used for screening duplication and comparing similarities between two or more than two files. This plagiarism checker tool is compatible with all sorts of operating systems as it is a cloud-based tool. You need to open the tool on your browser and enter the input that needs to be checked for duplication. The tool can get you results in less than five seconds. This is why it is also known as the fastest plagiarism checker tools available online. This tool works as an all-in-one service. It can also find grammar errors, punctuation mistakes and even bad vocabulary in your input content. The tool would not provide you with solutions to the mistakes but will surely explain them to you!

Plagiarism checker by Dustball

Dustball’s plagiarism checker tool has been around the web for the last fifteen years or so. The work of this plagiarism checker is very straightforward. You need to enter raw text in the tool’s upload box and click on the ‘check plagiarism’ button to scan your content and get a detailed report. Now you must know that you can only check a thousand words for free with this plagiarism checker in a single day. This is a perfect tool for students and freelancers who have a work limit of less than thousands of words.

Plagiarism checker- SmallSEOTools

The plagiarism checker tool by smallseotools is among the leading free tools offered by the website. You do not need much expertise to use this tool. It would help if you had a strong web connection and a basic understanding of using the internet. This plagiarism checker tool can check all sorts of documents and in all sorts of formats. It is known to be the best tool for students, teachers as well as professional writers. The best thing about this plagiarism checker tool is that it doesn’t limit you. This means that you can check hundreds of files and an infinite word count of queries for plagiarism with this service.

You should surely try either of the tools mentioned above if you want to check and get rid of plagiarism!

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