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Are you a working professional who enjoys reading, but cannot simply find time for it? Do you love books, but it seems impossible to sit and read, while juggling between work and other responsibilities? Have you left behind the practice of reading for leisure to make time for your corporate ventures? Is your pursuit of knowledge left incomplete owing to paucity of time?  If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then we have the ‘IT’ solution for you – Book Summaries! In today’s chaotic world, where people are running behind fulfilment of responsibilities and attainment of success, reading for leisure and for gaining knowledge is left behind, and one seems to simply not have time to sit down and read a book. In the hustle bustle of the modern world, we have forgotten to sit back, relax, and wind down with a book in hand and miss out on the magic of a fictional world to get lost in. 

What are Book Summaries?

Book Summaries are summarised texts, encapsulating the essence of the book in question. They make for quick reads, are written in lucid language and help you skim through the main plot or idea of the book. Most summaries are easy to read, and make use of bullet points for better comprehension. For fiction books, the main story is summarised and served to the audience in minimal words. As for non-fiction books, the core ideas or topics detailed in the book, are summarized to cater to the audience. 

Why Book Summaries for Professionals?

Essentially, why book summaries, you may ask? These are extremely helpful for those interested in reading in general, because it enables people who are just starting their reading journey to begin in a steadfast way. Reading summaries saves time and effort, and also provides people with the requisite knowledge. It also keeps the habit and spirit of reading alive in readers. Moreover, reading book summaries has added benefits for working professionals because:

  • It enables them to gain knowledge without worrying about the lack of time
  • These summaries are quite easy to access, and are openly available on the internet
  • There is a huge variety of options to choose from, both fiction and non-fiction titles are available
  • It helps them read about various topics and explore different genres
  • It can help a non-reader to kick start their reading journey
  • Summaries also help readers grow as professionals, as certain set of skills, and a certain pool of knowledge can be disseminated through the means of books.

For example, business professionals accessing business book summaries are able to maximise their knowledge base and learn newer tips and tricks, with minimal effort by reading book summaries

The practice of reading book summaries entails all of these benefits and much more, it is high time that we start tapping them as resources, rather than as just another facility, that is available out there. 

Why book summaries for corporates?

Companies today, are in constant search of newer strategies and techniques to capture the dwindling attention of a distracted audience. The publishing and allied industries, are always on the lookout for novel ideas to market and promote their books and other services. Book summaries serve as a brilliant way to achieve the same.

Usage of book summaries to market books is not a recent practice, if we look at e-retail websites they often use an incomplete, curiosity arousing summary to grab the attention of the readers. Similarly, book jackets, contain a sneak peek of the book, at the back. This practice can be made more efficient through the usage of comprehensive book summaries for marketing and promotional purposes. With lesser attention span and greater number of distracters, audiences today are heard to please. A concrete book summary, placed on the blog section of the company’s website, might just do the trick. It will help in increased engagement of the audience, and will ultimately result in increased sales. 

Yes, book summaries, are of great help to working professionals and corporates. However, the question remains that of the extent of their usage. Better usage in increased frequency would surely benefit multiple stakeholders. There is an ocean of book summaries available on the internet, and one must make use of the same. As James Clear said, ‘Be the designer of your world, not the consumer of it’, we must also design our reading habits in the way we want to, this would benefit the reading community as a whole.

Radhe Gupta
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