Coronavirus Prevention Everything You Need To Know To Stay Healthy

Experts predicted death for the new Сoronavirus – by spring when it gets warmer. As a result, Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) turned out to be quite tenacious. Every day new cases are reported all over the world.

Do Not Touch Your Face with Your Hands:

Every day, people touch a variety of surfaces on which the virus can live. According to scientists, a person touches their face with hands every hour on average 23 times. In almost half of cases – touching the mucous membranes: eyes, nose, mouth. So the infection enters the body.

It is hard to give up the habit. Either willpower or technology will help. For example, there are programs developed that monitor the person. A notification comes immediately as the hand reaches out to face.

Wash Your Hands:

Risks will decrease if you follow the rules of hygiene. According to WHO experts, hand washing is the most effective preventive measure for COVID-19. This precaution is necessary every time after sneezing, coughing, going to the toilet, contact with animals, as well as before, during and after cooking and, of course, before eating.

  • The procedure takes 40-60 seconds. Experts recommend liquid soap.
  • Microbes remain solid. If you use it, then divide it into individual portions, use each bite one-time.
  • After the procedure is complete, use disposable towels. They also close the tap.

Use hand sanitizers

Among the main measures, experts call the use of hand sanitizers. The advantage is obvious: they are always at hand.

This tool is much better for your hands than washing with soap and water. Do it for 20-30 seconds.

An important condition is alcohol-based hand sanitizers. It is worth paying attention to the following composition: a concentration of 75-80% ethanol, 1.45% glycerol, 0.125% peroxide is recommended.

Cough and Sneeze Properly:

If you cover your mouth and nose, then the expansion of the virus can be prevented. In this case, the technique is important. Coughing and sneezing are in the crock of the elbow or napkin. The latter is immediately thrown into the garbage container with a lid. It is better to refuse a fabric scarf.

Experts call the traditional option to hide behind the palm as dangerous. The virus gets on hands, and then on objects and people due to touch.

Wear a Mask Only in Individual Cases:

Items are recommended for those who cough and sneeze. A healthy person does not need a mask, the benefits are not confirmed. An exception is a patient care with suspected coronavirus.

Masks are an effective tool only in combination with regular hand treatment with an alcohol-containing hand sanitizer or soap and water.

It is important to follow the rules of use. The nose and mouth are tightly covered, the mask fits close to the face without gaps. It is better not to touch the product, otherwise, the virus will fall into the palm of your hand and then other objects. Ultimately, infection is inevitable.

After 2-3 hours, the mask becomes damp, so it should be thrown into a container with a lid. You cannot reuse it.

Respirators are a good alternative, and the filters must be replaced.

Avoid close contact, self-insulate

WHO experts advise staying at a distance of at least one meter from people. In public places, it is better not to spit.

It is worth forgetting about handshakes. Alternatively, they wave their hand, make a nod or bow. In recent months, elbow greetings have come into use.

Experts urge to avoid close contact with people in case of cough and other signs of respiratory illness. The best option is the self-isolation of the house.

Ventilate the rooms, moisten the air with special means. Or you can wet a towel and hang it on a radiator. All this reduces the viral load.

Follow Rules After Returning From Areas where Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 is Common:

Special care – for the next two weeks. Even in case of mild symptoms, it is recommended to stay at home. This will protect others from infection.

Additional risks are possible if the condition worsens. The signal will be fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. Experts advise you to immediately call the clinic, report on recent trips and contacts with other people. In Russia, they will orient by the number 112.

Applying for medical care over the phone will allow specialists to quickly refer you to a suitable medical institution. Besides, this will help to avoid the possible spread of COVID-19 and other viral infections.

Check Information:

The coronavirus pandemic caused a lot of rumors, the media and bloggers are spreading fakes. WHO experts dispelled some doubts. Novastore

Older people are at risk due to additional illnesses that lead to complications and death. Representatives of all age categories can become infected. The viral pathogen lives everywhere, and not just in hot regions.

Coronavirus is not transmitted through mosquito bites. A hot bath, frosty weather, electric hand dryers, an ultraviolet lamp, saline solutions for the nose, garlic and antibiotics will not help.

By March 2020, a vaccine was not developed. There are no recommended medications. Botkin’s disease is treated, for example, with drugs against HIV, flu, and parasites.

Do Not Panic:

Such advice is given by epidemiologists and virologists. The disease is spreading, but infectiousness and mortality allow moderate optimism. At the same time, authorities around the world have taken unprecedented measures to combat COVID-19. Mass events are cancelled, borders are being closed. Scientists are working on a vaccine.

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