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CURLY HAIR And Love – How They Are The Same

Curly hair and falling in love are two things that a lot of people associate with each other. Curly like ice cube long hair is often associated with a woman’s femininity, their natural beauty and the softness of it. It also tends to be romantic because it has this twirling movement to it, like spaghetti noodles or those curled up pieces of ribbon. Falling in love can be likened to having your heart completely taken over by someone else and wanting nothing more than for them to wrap their arms around you tight in return. So with these two things being so related, what does one have to do with the other? The truth is that curly hair and falling in love are actually two parts of the same experience.

1. Your hair is a reflection of your personality

The way that your hair looks is a direct reflection of your personality and the way that you feel. A lot of people have gone to get their haircut simply because they feel good about the way that they look. It’s something that can be done very quickly in order to change one’s appearance in a positive way. Just as you would change your outfit when you want to feel more confident about yourself, so too can changing the style of your hair make you feel good about yourself, too. It also feels good to go out of your comfort zone occasionally and try something new with it.

2. Curly hair is confident

A lot of people associate having curly hair with confidence. Sure, it doesn’t have to be curly like curls you’ve gone to get your hair done, but rather it can be the curly, knotted type. It doesn’t have to be scraggly and unruly either. It’s just that when a woman has this type of hair, she wants the world to know that she is a confident person and proud of who she is as a person. She would rather her personality shine through in her appearance than take on any other kind of persona that she might want to.

3. Curly hair is stylish

Likewise, having a hairstyle that is different and quirky can also be a symbol of confidence. It doesn’t have to be the most outlandish hairstyle ever conceived, but rather that it’s unique and looks good on you. You can pamper yourself with your hair styling routine by going to the salon every so often to get your haircut done or you can do it in your own bathroom with whatever lopsided comb you want to use. Whatever method you use, just know that you are getting ready for a date when doing it, so go ahead and show off that confidence when out on a date with someone.

4. Having curly hair means having a job that you like and doing it well

A lot of women have career dreams in which they want to be an attorney, a doctor or a businesswoman. If these are things that you dream about and believe in, then displaying those dreams with your curly hair can be the way to go about doing it. Having this type of hair is also seen to be something that is attractive to others, so wearing your work clothes when going on dates is something that will surely make you seem completely confident and attractive at the same time. Just go ahead and let your confidence start shining through while out on a date with someone who compliments you just right!

5. Curly hair looks hot when you are falling in love

The way that your curly hair frames your face makes it look as if you’ve been the subject of a beautiful portrait. It’s a soft, romantic way to accentuate your face and make you feel beautiful. When falling in love, one wants to feel attractive, but also like they are being appreciated for who they are as a person, too. Curly hair is the way to do this because it makes women appear more feminine and men fall for them for their personality as well. It all starts with feeling good about yourself and letting your natural beauty shine through from within.

6. Curly hair can be calming

Wearing a hairstyle like your own natural, curly hair can cause you to feel completely calm. It’s something that you have complete control of and it feels good to let your hair just do what it wants to do without you fighting it or trying to change it. Going out in public with curls on your head is a great way to feel as if you are carrying yourself with some strength, too. You can also go out with a style in which your hair cascades down over one shoulder or falls in front of one eye that will make you look confident and sexy at the same time.

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