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Think You’re An Expert In Furniture? Take This Quiz Now To Find Out

The thought of furniture shopping can be overwhelming. There are so many choices and things to consider, like the use and size of the room that you want to furnish, your budget, and style preferences. It doesn’t help that many people have trouble understanding what they’re looking at or what each piece of furniture is best used for; so much jargon also flies around the topic, further muddying the waters. Furniture designer salaries are also a contentious topic, with many people thinking that their experience qualifies them to work in the industry.

In this article, we’re going to address these issues and hopefully you’ll see through some of the vagueness and find furnishings that are a good fit for your everyday needs! The first thing to consider is where you want to use the furniture. The most expensive pieces of furniture are not necessarily the best things for your needs. Living rooms and dining rooms are places where people spend a lot of time, so it’s important that the pieces you select be functional and stylish as well as functional.

Think You’re An Expert In Furniture :

1. Do you have pets?

Do you have a dog or cat that sheds a lot? Do you live in an area where there are a lot of insects in the summertime? What about children? Their toys and outdoor activities can wreak havoc on furnishings, not to mention their food and drink spills.

2. Do you have children that might spill drinks or food on the furniture occasionally?

If so, then you’ll want to carefully consider your options. Here’s why: most furniture made from wood is susceptible to damage from liquids, especially liquids with sugar in them like soda pop, coffee, tea and alcohol. Citrus juices are also pretty acidic, so you’ll want to be careful with those too.

3. Do you entertain a lot?

Do you like to have friends over for dinner and brunch? Or do you have friends that come over pretty regularly to watch the game or just hang out? Do you have a job where clients visit you often? If so, then comfort and style are important when it comes time to furnish your living room or dining room. 

But also consider your lifestyle; if you have pets that shed a lot of fur, then an upholstered couch might not be the best choice for your situation. Remember that comfort and style have a lot to do with durability, so it might be a good idea to make sure you’ve got plenty of time to enjoy your furniture before you buy. And remember that your furniture must suit the purpose of the room you’re buying it for.

4. What do you have in your room currently?

Take a look at what’s already in your room right now. Do you have any pieces of furniture that really matter to you? Or do you have something that was an impulse purchase a few years ago and now it just sits in your room holding your clothes or books?

If you’re selling your apartment, then think about how long you’ll be there before the landlord gives you notice to move out. Do you want to keep it? Are there sentimental reasons why it’s important that it stays in the room? If so, then do some research online and figure out how much these pieces are worth before putting them up for sale.

5. What kind of look do you have in mind?

Are you going for a modern look, or would you like to get a few pieces to complement the look of your current room? Or are you trying to create an entire new feel for the room? If so, then figure out which pieces will help create this look. Remember that, for the most part, furniture is not meant to be extremely trendy unless it’s made from materials like plastic and acrylic. 

These materials tend to be light and easy for delivery men to move; however they don’t hold up well over time. Wood is also popular because it comes in such a wide variety of colors and types that you can find something that matches everything else in your room.

6. Do you want to spend a lot of money on your furniture?

When it comes time to go furniture shopping, one of the first things people get hung up on is price. People often look at smaller pieces of furniture and think that they need to pay less than they would for a sofa or a dining room table. But actually the opposite is true: these are the pieces you’ll use every day, so you’ll be spending more time with them. So if comfort is important or if you just want something nice and sturdy, then don’t skimp on the price tag.

7. Are you a DIY person?

If so, then it may be an ideal time to try a couple of things that you can do yourself. Here’s some DIY furniture pieces that can look good in any room: furniture wall art – This can be something simple like a framed picture or an intricate piece like this oil painting of cornflowers. If you’re new to DIY, then pick up some paint and get your hands dirty! And don’t forget about frames…you can find them at the dollar store or vintage stores like Goodwill.

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