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Five Things Your Competitors Know About Javascript

JavaScript is a standard computer language which is used by web sites, web browsers, and other interactive software. It manipulates the presentation and behavior of text on a web page without changing the content or layout of the original document. Javascript is a scripting language that does not create standalone applications. JavaScript can be used to create animations, dovetails with HTML form fields, aid with navigation of lengthy pages (for example dynamic menus), and enable designers to swap out images in an embedded Flash animation without reloading the entire page contents. In the past decade, javascript has been increasingly popular on the web, with over 40 billion lines of JS code residing on the World Wide Web every month! That number is projected to grow to 90 billion lines a month by 2016. The use of Javascript on the web is only expected to rise in the following years.

The benefits of using Javascript are many, but ironically JavaScript has become so popular because it was originally created as a simple scripting language for writing small scripts that add interactivity and functionality to Web pages. However, in recent years, many programmers have begun using this scripting language for many reasons outside its original purpose. As such it has become widely used in other contexts. For example, software engineers have written JavaScript engines to use in software development tools and embedded environments.

The following point is the first of the five things that your competitors know about Javascript. For this reason, you need to know all five in order to keep up with technology. 

Five Things Your Competitors Know About Javascript :

1. Javascript is everywhere:

It’s been said that you can’t escape from Javascript. That’s because JavaScript, in some form or another, is present in almost every modern website. Whether it’s the scripts for Twitter or Facebook, Google or eBay, If a website needs interactivity then chances are it uses Javascript. A similar situation exists when you’re on any web based chat system. Whether it’s IRC, Yahoo! Messenger, or Skype, many of these sites use Javascript to enable you to express yourself.

2. Javascript is important:

Javascript is key to the success of many applications and interactive screens. If a site cannot create a seamless login experience with JavaScript then users will be extremely annoyed and won’t return as often. In fact, every modern browser comes with a rich set of functions that make doing your daily tasks easier, faster and more enjoyable (e-commerce example: PayPal). Therefore, if your website fails to use Javascript it’s likely to fail.

3. Javascript is nimble:

Javascript is highly productive and efficient, meaning that it can be used to cut development time and save costs. In fact, many companies have found this high productivity and efficiency to be critical in the development of their products. Because of these qualities, many productivity tools are now built in Javascript (WordPress plug-ins). This means that you will find a vast array of ready made solutions for all your previously hard work when you build your site in this domain. You’ll never have to spend hours or months recreating what someone else has already done. That makes your job easier, faster, and cheaper.

4. Javascript is expandable:

One of the biggest appeals of writing code in Javascript is that there’s no limit to what you can do. With a little imagination and some simple coding skills, you can turn your website into a fun and interactive environment for your users. You can do this by expanding the functionality of your website to accommodate new content, links or graphical effects that would never have worked in traditional websites. For example, javascript makes it possible to alter the appearance of certain sections of a web page based on specific conditions (e-commerce example: facebook apps).

5. Javascript is everywhere and difficult to avoid:

The final point which your competitors know about Javascript is that it cannot be avoided. Due to the wide spread use of this scripting language, most companies in the industry would be stupid to completely ignore it. If your competitor has a major interactive overhaul, there’s a good chance they’ve used JavaScript. This also applies to just about every web based chat system. If you’re doing a major overhaul of your website, you should consider using Javascript as it will help you stand out from the crowd. You may even decide that its worth the time and effort to learn Javascript so that you can make your website more attractive or interactive.

So what have we learned?

With all this in mind, we can’t help but think that one of the primary reasons why Javascript has become so popular is because it was created as a very simple scripting language for adding interactivity and functionality to Web pages. As such, there’s no way around its usefulness on web pages, for creating web apps and for video games.

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