4 Myths About Abortion

Becoming pregnant can be a real delight for some women and a major worry to others if unplanned. Becoming a mother is not necessarily the path that all women wish to take. Thankfully, most women have the freedom to choose to have an abortion to control their future and live the life they desire.  Despite […]

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women’s health: love, care, sex, wellness, pregnancy and menopause

The term “women’s health” can mean different things to different people.  The articles found on this blog focus on womens health in the context of medical care, history, culture, and social issues.  Women’s health topics will be discussed by experts in various fields of medicine, as well as female healthcare providers.  The articles are written […]

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Reasons why students choose career in public health

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “The health care industry” (which includes both social and healthcare services,  in addition to hospitals) is one of the nation’s largest employers.  This field is projected to create more job opportunities than any other in the next eight years.  The public health career requires extensive knowledge about medicine […]