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New study suggests proton therapy for lung cancer lowers risk of heart disease

When treating lung cancer with radiation therapy, there is a significant concern that the treatment dose will expose the heart to excess radiation. One way to avoid this unnecessary radiation is by using proton therapy, a more precise form of radiation therapy as compared to traditional radiation therapy (x-rays/photons). Researchers now say there is a […]

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Benefits of buying medicine from an online pharmacy

Medicines are the most significant and, most importantly, used things nowadays. People suffer from a wide range of health problems for which they need several medicines. Some people prefer to purchase medicines from medical stores, while other people prefer to purchase from pharmacies. Purchasing medicines from a pharmacy is quite beneficial. Some of the most […]


What is the Difference Between Analog and Digital Hearing Aids?

Hearing loss is a very common phenomenon. Old age, loud noise resulting in cochlear damage, and medications; all of these are potent in causing significant hearing loss. But that should not mean they lead to complete hearing loss that hampers your daily life, relationships, and well-being. Modern hearing aids can efficiently improve the hearing abilities […]

Eyes the Care

Providing Eyes the Care They Deserve

Maintaining healthy vision is as important as taking care of your mental and physical health. The overall body health and immunity can impact eye health. Neglecting eye care and taking eyes for granted can cause you poor vision that can worsen if not provided with the needed care. Timely precautions and daily care is important […]