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When PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECTS Competition is Good

Competition is a good thing. It has been in human history, and it will still be in the future. The most amazing aspects of competition are that it gives us a chance to learn more and maximize our personal potentials at their best. Competition can also bring out the best in us, bringing about higher motivation and ambition for everyone involved. Competition has also been one of the driving forces behind many cultural advancements throughout human history, from the discovery of new lands to advances in scientific breakthroughs, from inventions to even sports – competition makes everything simply better than doing things on your own. Which of the following statements contains bias?

1. Competition motivates us.

Without competition, we would not be as motivated to attain what we desire, to beat our personal records, and to even do better than we expect. Competition brings out the best in us simply because it makes us feel that “We are not alone” and that someone beside us is actually trying to get ahead. Competition is a form of self-motivation which involves other people. It puts our actual desires into reality, making us do things we wouldn’t normally do if there were no competition involved.

2. Competition improves our performance at everything and anything we do.

Whether it involves winning, losing, or doing your best, competition makes us try harder to improve at everything we do. For example, if you want to be a better skater at figure skating, skating competitions will motivate you to try harder than you would if there were no competition involved. In fact, in figure skating competitions the better the skater that is competing against you are the more motivated and determined they are going to be. This is what makes figure skating so impressive – since it isn’t just about winning but about improving as well.

3. Competition improves our performance at sports.

Competition not only makes us do better but also helps us become more advanced in sports as well. For example, if you want to be a better basketball player, joining a local league will help you improve at shooting and dribbling. If you want to be a better runner, joining marathons or running competitions would encourage you to run harder and faster in order to beat your opponents. In addition, competition encourages the development of different kinds of strategies for each athlete or group of athletes meaning that there are always new strategies being developed even for the same sport which also makes everything else more interesting and exciting.

4. Competition gives us a sense of belonging and belonging to a team.

Competition allows us to feel that we belong to something bigger than ourselves, which is known as belonging to a team. Without competition, most people would feel lonely and lost because no one else will be striving for the same goals or dreams as they do. By coming together with other people though, competition gives us the opportunity to share our hardships and triumphs which makes things much more enjoyable than on your own or with only one or two people.

5. Competition makes everything more interesting and exciting.

Without competition, everything would be boring and dull. Competition is what makes everything more interesting and exciting. For example, if you want to play basketball against someone else, it will make the game much more fun than by playing alone or with only one or two other people. In addition, the advancement of sports equipment and facilities, from the invention of basketball to tennis rackets and all kinds of useful equipment mean that most sports are much more interesting since there is always something new to discover about any given sport which also means that your motivation will always be high.

6. Competition makes us believe that we can do anything if we have the right attitude.

Without competition, most people wouldn’t think that they can do anything. However, competition is what allows most people to think that they can do anything no matter how hard it may be – and therefore compete and attain their goals. For example, if you are in a competitive sport such as basketball where there is one person to beat at any given time, then you will believe that there’s a possibility for you to become the next great basketball player.

7. Competition makes us live with and fight for our dreams.

Without competition, most people would hide away their desires and dreams out of fear of failure or other reasons. However, competition gives most people the courage to live with and fight for their dreams no matter how hard they may seem to be. This is what attracts so many people to sports – the fact that you have a chance to live with your dream if you win, which means that you also have a chance to live your dream if you lose because losing doesn’t mean giving up on your dream – it just means that you didn’t win it this time.

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