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Home Design Tips for Truck Drivers (2021)

If you are a truck driver, it is time to get creative with your home-design.

COVID-19 is finally fading away as more of the world’s population get vaccinated – and what better way to celebrate than breathing fresh life into your home? After all, you have probably been out on the road doing your job over the past year whilst people in other industries have worked from home – you deserve to treat yourself. 

Here are some pro home design tips specifically for truck drivers. 

Frameless, sliding glass walls 

Frameless glass walls (that can slide open and closed) are an incredible addition for your home. Not only do they look wonderful and modern – they give you access to views outside. If you are a trucker who lives out in the country or next to a beach, frameless glass walls are perfect for you. Check out Cover Glass in Northern California to get started (they are expert providers). 

Go for comfort with body pillows 

As a truck driver, you spend a whole lot of time sitting down during long, tiresome journeys. For some truck drivers, this takes a toll on their body as they begin to experience aches and pains – particularly in their lower back. 

Body pillows can help with this. Although they are meant for practical reasons, they also look great as part of your bedroom’s design. If you can buy yourself a body pillow and even a new mattress, if you want too. This will help to reduce any aches you have and give you a more comfortable night’s sleep. 

Dim the lighting 

In many households these days, it is common to do too much with the lighting – it makes the house feel like a lightshow. 

A truck driver needs a home that is dimly lit to help them relax and unwind after a long day. So, it is time to ditch the overwhelming, super bright lights for something dimmer – this will give your home a darker yet more relaxing tone. Lamp shades are a great way to achieve this. 

Add some art to the walls 

If your home’s walls are empty and bare, it is time to change that. There are many forms of wall art – the most common being picture frames. Do not just buy any old picture frames from stores with stock photos inside them – you need to add your own touch. Think of what inspires you in life: is it sport? Is it politics? For example, you might have a favorite sports team whose games you follow every weekend. Do not be scared to celebrate that team by putting up a picture frame of the badge and team on your ideal wall space – it will become your new pride and glory.  

Lastly, create your own home movie theatre 

After a long day out on the road, truck drivers want to come home, have a beer and watch some good entertainment. The best way to experience this is through your own home theatre (especially as nobody knows if actual movie theatres are safe right now). To do this, invest in a good-sized television, surround sound speakers, interchangeable lighting, and a comfortable couch to sit and watch on. When guests come over to your house, they will be blown by the design. The best place to create this is either in your existing living room or another spare room in the house.

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