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How Do You Style and Care for Your Polo Shirts?

Polo shirts, a men’s style staple, and a casual business essential. When you speak of polo shirts, it indicates a short-sleeved tee shirt with a collar and two to three buttons. Men’s polo shirts are an evergreen timeless classic that can elevate any man’s style quotient instantly. A polo shirt is so versatile that it can find a spot in your wardrobe irrespective of the weather and season. Here is a guide on choosing the right polo shirt and the best styling ideas that can refresh your everyday look:

Look for the Right Fit, Not the Right Size

When your hunt starts for the next best polo shirt addition to your wardrobe, the focus should be on the fit and not the size. Different brands have a different fit for the same size in consideration. A right-fit polo shirt’s arm sleeve should end at about mid of your biceps. The sleeve any longer is considered oversized and pulls down the style quotient of the polo shirt. The overall length of the polo shirt should be just enough to tuck it in. When it is not tucked in, it should sit around two-inch below your belt buckle.

Choosing the Correct Fabric

Depending on the type of look you are trying to pull off, you should pick your fabric. A thicker pique polo shirt is best for a more formal occasion like a formal workplace. On the other hand, you have the more easy-going cotton polo shirts paired with contrasting chinos or simple jeans for a stylish casual look. Your fabric choice should also depend on the climate. Choose a rich deep woollen polo shirt for winters and a light elegant linen polo for summer.

Polo Shirt Maintenance

Always pick polo shirts of the highest quality of fabric and design for maximum comfort and styling. Once you pick a quality polo shirt, it’s time to impart ample care to it so that it serves you longer. Excessive washing can damage your polo shirt. Too much water and drying can damage the fabric and fade the colour of your tee shirt. It’s best to hand wash your precious polo tee shirt rather than throwing it into a washing machine. After a wash, do not dry them under direct sunlight; it will destroy the colour of your polo tee shirt. After drying, fold your polo tee shirt neatly and button it up to rarecustom maintain its shape integrity.

Best Polo Shirt Style Combinations

For a regular day look, combine a slim-fit navy-blue polo tee shirt and slim-fit khakis. Compliment it with darker brown formal leather boots. It’s a perfect combination for a casual Friday at work or for a lunch date.

On a hot summer day, a maroon polo tee shirt and slim grey above-the-knee shorts and a brown leather hat can be a killer look to carry.

An orange polo tee underneath a navy V-neck sweater paired with beige chinos will add much-needed colour to the dry days on a chilly winter day.

Men’s polo shirts are a never-go-wrong style statement to go for. Keep in mind the fit of the polo shirt while choosing one. Never compromise on the quality of the polo tee shirt; a few extra bucks would go a long way. With ample care, your polo shirt can outlive every fashion season and will ensure that you arrive at every fashion season in style.

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