Move The Office Without Stress

How To Move The Office Without Stress: All You Should Know

It’s coming down on you right now. What are you going to do? The entire office, with all the furniture and computer equipment, has to be moved to the new location within a short period of time. Everything is in an uproar, and you have no clue how you’re going to pull it off. Finding a reliable moving company in Toronto can be a huge undertaking. Torex Commercial Moving Company from Toronto is here to help you.

With the pandemic still raging, moving is one of the most stressful ventures in 2021. Let us help you by taking some of that stress off of you with the following tips. If need packer and movers check Los Angeles movers.

Plan ahead 

Organize a timeline for all the necessary tasks. Have a written schedule of when each one has to be done, and your move will go more smoothly.

These tasks include: getting a list of the rules for both buildings, the one you’re leaving and the one you’re going to. There may be restrictions on the hours you can cause disruptions in the work environment. Don’t forget to arrange for the utility companies to connect services in the new place and disconnect them in the old one. Review the monthly bills to ensure no one is forgotten. The stress of not having electricity or the internet can be overwhelming.


Reduce stress by keeping open communication with your team members and delegating tasks to appropriate employees. This project is not a one-person job, so please, don’t try to do it alone. Ask for help in compiling a complete to-do list. What you don’t need is to have a forgotten task catch you off guard at the least opportune moment.

Make a list of everyone you need to notify of your change of address. The list should include: 

  • clients and partners,
  • professional or trade associations where you have a membership,
  • banks and financial institutions,
  • bottled water or food delivery service,
  • telephone company,
  • office systems services,
  • insurance companies,
  • client or supplier accounts departments,
  • internet service provider,
  • and any other contacts that need to know your location.

Establish a budget

Not much is more stressful than running out of funds before completing a project. Now is another great opportunity to take advantage of your team. Creating a realistic budget by discussing all possible expenditures will reduce stressful surprises. Get quotes on moving companies portland services, utility transfers, necessary insurance, and lease contract negotiations.

Wrapping up the details

It is a good idea to check out the layout of your new office and make sure your current furniture and appliances will fit in the new place. If it doesn’t, it may be time to have an office sale and get rid of some clutter. This time is the perfect time to take advantage of the opportunity to downsize. Getting rid of excess equipment and furniture no one is using anymore will remove much of the stress. You may also consider renting a self storage to store your belongings.

It is normal to forget about the mess we leave behind. However, the previous landlord will appreciate his property being left in good condition. And in most cases, it is required to get your security deposit back. Hire a cleaning crew, or enlist some help from the team, and leave the old office sparkling clean.

We take it from here (this is where we shine)

It’s getting down to the wire. This part of the move can be the most stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Get rid of the stress; let our team of experienced professional movers make it easier.

Packing and preparing

We are experts in disassembling and reassembling your delicate office equipment. We take care of packaging your precious possessions in boxes, even the most fragile items. We also label the boxes so you can find what you need faster. Who wants to have to go through every box to find that extremely important computer cable he needed two hours ago?

Moving day

Whether you need to accomplish the entire move on the same day or need to move your office to a remote location, we will take good care of you. We know how important your time is and the need to get your office up and running with minimal delays.

So, breathe deep, relax, and let Torex Commercial Moving Company take the stress out of your office move.

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