Gre exam pattern

How to Start Your Gre Exam Preparation?

Myriad of things are there that you need to take into consideration when you plan to take up a test. If you are planning to take GRE (Graduate Record Exam) in the coming months or year; you need to start up with a plan in mind.

Now, in case you have made up your mind for this test, first you need to check out Gre exam pattern. You must know which date would suit you for the test then.  Once you know about the pattern, you would get an idea about how you will prepare for the pattern. Pattern is important to know because it tells you about the overall layout of the test. Furthermore, once you know it and you know what exactly you will need prepare; you can be little sure about  how much time you will take to prepare for the test. And hence, accordingly, you can book your gre test dates.

What should be the good time for prep?

It is a challenging question to answer. However, if you really want to dig into the answer then ask yourself. You need to find out what time would be apt for you.  However, usually candidates feel that a year would be too much and two months are going to be extremely less. So, you can take up four to six months for prep. In this manner whatever you would prepare will stay fresh in your mind. What is the point if you spend time on preparation but by the time the test date appears, the concepts and segments become blur to you? Similarly, what is the thing if you are preparing in one month and before the test you feel daunted and really anxious because of too much of blending of material in your mind? So, your prep time should be somewhere in-between.

Should you take coaching for Gre?

Now, again it is another question that you must ask yourself. You need to find out what you can do and how. Now, if you know that you might not be able to study well at home or by yourself; you must join a coaching. In this way, you would stay constant, disciplined, and prepare in a strategical manner. Since these coaching classes do follow a specific pattern to teach the students, you can be sure that you do not miss out on anything special.

  • The professionals in the coaching will tell you about the overall pattern of the test and make you understand the complete gre syllabus. You may stay on track once you are going to a coaching class. It is for the reason that regularly the trainer would keep an eye on your progress.
  • Moreover, all your weaknesses and strengths would be right there for you to examine and modify your prep accordingly. Since the professionals will point out your weaknesses and appreciate your good areas or strengths, you would know what exactly you need to do .
  • Finally, you would need to take up so many tests regularly every week during your coaching. Of course, the professionals in the class would give you tests and hence you can practice in a wonderful manner. The tests would give you strength and insight into your knowledge and overall prep. It would also boost your stamina.


So, you must understand the pattern first, then decide how you would carry out your preparation. Coaching can be a good idea for you to ensure that you are not missing out on anything important.

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