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myCSUNsoftware California

myCSUN is the official mobile app for the University of California, Santa Cruz. It provides a variety of tools and resources to help students succeed at UCSU.

In addition to the standard features provided by most university-based apps, myCSUN includes a student ID card reader for those who purchase food from Campbell Hall or live on campus, a parking meter that can be topped up quickly and easily, an interactive map with directions around campus, and our very own ‘Aha!’ – all just a tap away!

The mycsunsoftware  can help you plan a fun and efficient way to navigate UCSU. 

It allows students to determine the most sustainable trips to and from campus, then make those trips as easily as possible, with a convenient way to check on their progress.

In order to learn how your friends are doing, you can use myCSUN for homework, class notes or even using it as a diary. 

In addition, myCSUN is the only official interface branded by UCSU that allows students to view which classes are open each day. This makes navigating around classes much easier.

Here are some points discussed about myCSUNsoftware California-

1. Student ID Card Reader

The student id card reader allows students to pay for purchases at Campbell Hall or purchase bus passes. It can also be used to record attendance at certain events. 

Taking pictures of your ID card is perfectly safe and is not stored by UCSU. If you forget your ID, you can still use the app without it. 

And if you lose your phone, please contact the IT department immediately so they can remove your student ID from the app.

2. Parking Meter

This allows students to purchase parking permits, which are not mandatory for all students, but are highly recommended if students drive to campus regularly.

3. Maps

myCSUN has a map feature for students to use to be able to see where classes are located, as well as where the library, dining halls, tennis courts and other university buildings are. 

The interactive map can be used for navigation around campus or even around Santa Cruz.

4. Internet Connection Information

myCSUN has an Internet Connection Information feature built in that shows how much data is being used by each student’s internet plan. 

This can be used to estimate how much data will remain on the student plan during the semester and how to best prepare for an upcoming exam or paper due date.

5. Interactive “Aha!”

This feature allows students to submit ideas and suggestions about the university of which the school will actively respond to through email. 

This app can be used as a way to ask for extra help from faculty or staff of the university, raise concerns about infrastructure of the university, and share good news with other students on campus. 

It is the only official way students can communicate with UCSU administrators on campus; however, we do also have an active email on our website (email: [email protected]). Use this wisely!

6. Class Schedule

myCSUN has all the information about UCSU classes. The app allows students to access class schedules for both current and upcoming quarters, check to see which of their friends are in certain classes, and even listen to recordings of past lectures for some courses.

7. Homework Calendar

myCSUN has a Homework Calendar that makes it easier for students to get assistance with their homework from counselors on campus or get peer help with assignments rather than having privacy concerns about sharing work on Google docs. 

This way, students can also see what the deadlines are for certain assignments if they are worried they will not be able to complete them in time or need more time on it before turning them in.

8. Push Notifications

myCSUN has push notifications for students to be informed about various things such as the current time, new messages on ‘Aha!’, new posts on the forum, or even to remind students about classes coming up or homework due.

9. Attendance and Absence Management System (AAMS)

This tool helps students to see which classes they need to attend and which ones they can skip and still pass. 

It is a way for them to manage their attendance without relying on their professors, although we do strongly recommend that students check with their professors first before deciding not to attend a class for whatever reason.

10. The Forum

The Forum is a forum that allows students to discuss various topics on campus or even in the greater Santa Cruz city. It may be used for areas of concern, suggestions, praise, and ways to make students’ lives easier while they are on campus.

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