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Part 6 – Shido and Sora

Just when you thought the rest of the Jotaro Hat had been completed, a final image has been added and it is one you will remember for a long time to come. With only four days left to go until the release of Part 7 of the “The Last,” Masahiro Ito has included another important piece of clothing that was removed from the series and is now present in the manga version of the story.

In Jotaro’s last appearance, he was seen wearing a white shirt with a green colored tie. The tie may have been replaced with a black one in Part 6, but it does remain an important part of the design that accompanies him into Part 7. In the post-credits scene, Asakusa’s Ginza district is shown again and it is seen in detail.

The scene is set at Ginza station where Sora is seen on a bicycle with a woman in the background. The man turns out to be the ever-silent Shido, who has been present since the beginning of the series.

Since Sora has been dead for several episodes, I’d decided to give the manga artist an opportunity to incorporate her into the series’ plot. In this scene, the background was painted in a bright pink and Shido and Sora can be seen in the background together.

In Part 6, Sora is seen wearing a white dress with a blue color on the hem. She is also seen with red shoes and an arm holding a large gun. Now, it looks like she might have a lot more colors to show her change of heart as Shido and Sora made up two important characters during the course of the series.

The part of the Jotaro Hat that will become part of Part 6 is the now famous “Last” jacket. It is said that Asakusa’s Ginza, or indeed of Tokyo itself, is the place where the jacket’s design originates from.

This part of the Hat has been in the manga version since the end of Part 4, when the end of the series started to look imminent. The “Last” jacket that will make up part six will have some distinguishing features that are commonly found in other fashion icons of the time such as Alexander McQueen’s “On the Run.”

One example is the heel shaped pockets which Macintosh mentioned in an interview with Vogue. This style would later be added by many designers in the 1980s, making it more popular to the modern audience.

Another feature of the design is the belts around the sleeves, which are reminiscent of Alexander McQueen’s famous three stripe stripes. These features bring the design closer to the popular image of the rich and famous and are more fitting for the female characters of the story.

The designs were given shape in this way because it wanted the characters to be portrayed as beautiful and elegant. There is nothing wrong with beautiful women dressed in their most dazzling clothes but dressing them with bold, shiny clothes is out of place and unnatural.

The same thing goes for the designs that the Japanese look for in the Japanese fashion designers; bold, simple, and classy designs are appropriate for men and women, but the same designs look out of place for female characters. With the use of bold colors, thick fabrics, and feminine details, the designs for part six became a perfect representation of how Shido and Sora met and fell in love.

Those looking forward to Part 6 should not be disappointed in the way the plot is presented. The designs of the Final will make it even more fascinating and exciting to look.

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