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Review Of The Episode Of Defuse Cartoon

I’m very excited to bring you my review of two cartoon series that I’ve had my eye on for quite a while. They’ve both been out for some time now, especially the latter, but we’ll be starting from the beginning and working our way forward. For now, we’ll be reviewing Dofus, a French animated series that is set 200 years prior to the MMORPG of the same name. This is not a new cartoon like paw patrol names but good to watch.

When a dub is released, I’ll likely switch over to it. I’d explain more about the MMORPG, but other than knowing that this world is known as “The World of the Twelve,” there isn’t much I can tell you. Plus the first episode certainly doesn’t elaborate on any of the game’s plot, but considering it takes place 200 years before the game, that’s probably fine. So, let’s talk plot. 

The premise of this show, as I have learned simply from Wikipedia, is that we’ll be learning more about Kerubim’s life. And considering that we initially follow Simone throughout this episode, I’m guessing the present day segments will be a framing device for the adventures Kerubim will be retelling of her and his son, Joris and he is one of the rogue names. But like I said, we don’t delve into any of what the show is in the first episode, as the setting is being established, I suppose. 

While Simone is mostly a mystery to us viewers, we can easily tell she is a bad ass and can handle herself. As seen in this scene here. Which is funny considering she’s just the housekeeper. The house doesn’t take too kindly to that. Oh, did I forget to mention the house is alive? And its name is Luis? Yeah, this show is filled from wall to wall with all kinds of unique and diverse creatures. I don’t even know what’s what and I hope the show, maybe explains it, but it’s possible fans of the video game will know them and you’re just expected to know them. 

I mean, if you didn’t play the game how else would you find this oddball cartoon? Back to Simone. She doesn’t speak much and even when she does, it’s to be interrupted either by Kerubim his or her stalker/admirerBob from Bonta, your everyday stereotypical adventurer. When we’re introduced to him,he comes off as quite the jerk, or rather he’s full of himself, but the episode’s end, I think he could be revealed to have a softer side. 

We haven’t really talked much about who the show seems to be about, Kerubim and that’s because we only get to him halfway through episode one. At this point he’s an older man and runs something of a magic shop, from what I can see. And it’s a complete mess. Now I don’t generally like the stereotype that men can’t keep a clean home without a woman’s touch, but given the house’s magical nature (and desire to not be cleaned), I think it comes off rather humorous.

Even though this was a short first episode and we can only glean the tiniest of details from it, I’m really excited to see what the future episodes hold. There’s 52 episodes so far and I wonder if all of them are just Kerubim talking about the adventures he’s had or if the present day will also have its own plot. I think it has to because we’re introduced to Bob, who might return later and we’re briefly shown some possible catgirl who gets really doe eyed over Simone walking by. 

Oh, I almost forgot, but the animation is just beautiful. It’s so simple to look at, but it really stands out among all the cartoons today. Especially the ones here in America that all seem to be going for that Tumblror indie vibe. Doofus seems more anime inspired in some respects, but you can also see it’s inspired by its 2D MMORPG roots. Even in this series didn’t have potential story-wise, it’dstill be amazing to look at. And that’s been my review of Dofus episode1. I hope this review will convince you to go look this series up. If you do, I want to know what you thought of the episode in the comments below. My review of Wakfu, a series set 1000 years after Dofus, should be up today as well, fingers crossed.

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