Take Advantage Of Mychart

What is MyChart?

MyChart is an online health portal available to patients of Mayo Clinic. It gives patients access to their health records and offers personalized support for things like condition management, medication and treatment tracking, lab ordering and results viewing. In addition to these features, My chart moses cone also provides access to personal health records, appointment information, insurance information and self-service billing.

What are the advantages of Mychart?

1. Simplified access

MyChart is easier to use than other health records systems because it allows patients to view their health records from both United States and international locations. Patients can use MyChart to access their health records, lab results and other health information. Other patients are welcome to review your information too.

2. Comprehensive view of the patient’s medical information

MyChart makes it easy to track a patient’s medication and treatments for each condition or illness- and a list of medications prescribed for all conditions. In addition, MyChart can give the patient access to lab results, doctors notes, healthcare provider appointment history and all scheduled appointments for the year. All these features make MyChart an essential tool for organizing a complete picture of a patient’s medical history. 

3. Robust patient support system

MyChart is designed to be easy to use and offers many useful features like the ability to create a consent form, update your contact information and track lab results at any time. It also makes it very easy for patients to communicate with their health care providers.

4. Secure Personal Health Information

MyChart has in place a large number of security protocols designed to protect the privacy of the patient’s information while they share it with their doctor or healthcare provider. MyChart uses encryption technologies that offer high levels of security and confidentiality for all data transmitted over the Internet or phone lines between Mayo Clinic sites across the world. This ensures that patient’s have access to their medical data from anywhere, anytime.

5. Reliable and trustworthy MyChart

MyChart is an integral part of Mayo Clinic’s commitment to delivering excellent healthcare and a healthier world. It has been built using the same proven technology that makes Mayo Clinic the leading choice for many patients throughout the United States and the rest of the world.


MyChart Features:

1. Personal Health Record (PHR)

MyChart PHR helps patients take charge of their health records by allowing them to view lab test results, doctor notes and more online with online tools they can use to track their health status and wellness goals at any time.

2. Find a Mayo Clinic provider online

The Find a Mayo Clinic Doctor search tool on MyChart helps people find the right doctor at the right time. No matter where they live, patients can find a doctor that’s convenient for them and easily schedule an appointment with that professional. Patients can find specialists within a visit to the Mayo Clinic website thanks to the search tools at .

3. Ordering lab tests

MyChart makes it easy for patients to request and track results from lab tests or other medical tests or any time of day or night from your computer, smart phone or tablet device – wherever you are- if you have Web access.

4. Communicate with your provider

MyChart allows for simpler, more efficient communication between patients and their health care team by giving everyone access to their secure medical information at any time via the Internet or phone. Mayo Clinic doctors who use MyChart can easily customize it for their individual clinic, allowing them to invite patients to participate in the activities they want them involved in. Patients can also participate by using the secure messaging capabilities within MyChart. Mayo Clinic encourages patient feedback on the service and works hard to make sure that both providers and patients get what they need from MyChart. 

5. Manage appointments

MyChart makes it easier to manage appointments and share information with caregivers, family and friends. It helps patients keep track of upcoming or missed appointments with reminders sent through MyChart. Patients can share their appointment calendars and alerts with the people they choose — from doctors to family members. Appointments made directly through MyChart are automatically added to the patient’s calendar.

6. Send secure messages

MyChart also offers a secure messaging tool for Mayo Clinic patients who want to send and receive messages electronically between Mayo Clinic locations across the U.S., as well as Mayo Clinic Health System locations in Minnesota, Arizona and Florida, using a PC, smartphone or tablet device.

7. Access to the Mayo Clinic website

MyChart works seamlessly with the rest of Mayo Clinic’s sites and provides access to the health information and tools that may be of use to patients, including disease information, patient testimonials, health news and more.

Conclusion of this article:

MyChart helps the patient to organize their medical information, access the medical records and easily communicate with the doctor and doctors as well. MyChart is not just only a patient’s data base, but also is a system that helps to control how much knowledge you share with your doctors or any other person or organization related to your health information. To learn more about Mychart visit our website:


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