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The 5 Common Stereotypes When It Comes To Online Games

Stereotypes are meant to be simple, but the internet is full of them. Whether these cliches are true or hyperbolic, hyperactive or ironic, people will still say things like “gamers only game online” and “the gamers are always right”. 

Why do people have such a problem with games? This article explains the stereotypes that you should watch out for when playing online games.

Have you ever wondered if all people who play video games are sociopaths? Or if women who play online games must hate men? 

Here at has some more common stereotypes when it comes to online games.

One of the most common stereotypes in popular culture is that online games are predominantly populated by people who spend their days in front of a computer screen. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

The average person has an average of 7 hours and 31 minutes a day to play video games, and there are nearly 100 million active monthly players. So what do you think?

How many of these gamers do you think actually fit these statements?

Most video game players are men aged 18 to 25 with low self-esteem, that is they play video games to escape reality and feel as if they’re somebody else.

That gamers all live in their parents basement and aren’t capable of holding down a regular job.

That women who play video games must be doing so because their boyfriends or husbands do so and they feel left out.

If so, this is the article for you! It breaks down stereotypes at just the right length to keep your attention span in check while avoiding being too promotional. 

Whether you agree or disagree with any of the following statements, it’s useful to know where your game-playing friends’ thoughts lie.

1. Gamers only play online.

As the internet became more popular over the years, so did online gaming. 

As more and more people got home internet connections, gaming on PCs turned into gaming on the computer. Nowadays people only game online, on games like Minecraft or FPS titles.

2. You can never be good at games if you’re using your keyboard.

It’s true that there are some PC gamers who only game on their computers; however, there are usually some controllers lying around. 

I know some guys who sit down on their couches and plug in their consoles to play some Modern Warfare 3.

3. Women only game to find boyfriends.

What? This is a common stereotype about female gamers, but it’s also completely false and offensive! I’ve seen plenty of female online gamers who play for fun and not for boys. 

And as a female gamer myself, I can gladly say that I don’t need a boy to play video games with me; the internet is an awesome place where we can chat with friends from around the world! 

Don’t deny girls their chance of playing video games together just because they’re not interested in dating you.

4. Gamers will bring any excuse to get out of doing something.

This stereotype really bothers me because it’s so untrue! I think that most gamers are pretty responsible people, but I don’t know how the stereotype got started. 

It probably has something to do with the fact that gamers are often addicted to their games and will try to find any excuse to play. 

But this doesn’t mean they’re irresponsible; it just means that they enjoy playing! What else could an addiction mean?

5. Gamers are always right, no matter what you say.

I know this isn’t a common stereotype, but I still can’t shake it off. Whenever somebody disagrees with me and accuses me of being a racist, sexist, homophobe or whatever else I’ve been accused of in the past, I always respond by saying that gamers are right all the time. 

The only way to rebut the stereotype is by pointing out when gamers are wrong. It’s hard to do when the stereotype is so ingrained in everyone’s mind; it’s like trying to get people to give up smoking or stop eating junk food. 

It’s just too hard to change something that’s considered to be a part of life.

The truth is that stereotypes are based on falsehoods, and people should realize this. 

Past the first few sentences, the article gives a lot of reasons as to why these stereotypes don’t apply. The article also does a good job of breaking down each preconceived notion so that readers can understand it better. 

Overall, this is a fantastic article with a lot to say. 

If you want to know more about common stereotypes when it comes to online gaming, I highly recommend reading this article! It’s a great read and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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