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The Most Incredible Article About Thargoid Technology Samples You’ll Ever Read.

What are thargoid technology samples?

Thargoid technology samples is a term used to describe things like ancient artifacts or even thargoids themselves, this was done to prevent their existence from being revealed. It’s widely believed that there are two types of these – one stemming from abandoned scientific research and the other, typically more dangerous one originating in stories telling of encounters with the aliens. 

In many ways, it looks like the ship wreckage you might find on an alien planet but for all intents and purposes it will function as any normal piece of machinery. These samples can be traded among pilots on space stations by completing tasks for them in return for what they need.

Use of this technology:

Things like using this technology may not be against any kind of rule. However, there are many groups and individuals waiting to take part in extracting the substance and even better – own a piece of this technology themselves. The most common way of obtaining them is to complete tasks for space stations that require the use of thargoid technology, but if you’re looking for ways to get them then there’s no need to wait for pilots. Exchanges for these samples can be completed by anyone willing to pay the demanded price and just by completing this transaction, you obtain a sample of thargoid technology.

Where to find them:

This thargoid technology samples is very popular and every day you could be seeing some more people willing to trade this sample for some other kind of reward. As such, there are literally thousands of people all over the known universe willing to trade it for the right price. There are plenty of places where you could trade your sample but there’s also no reason not to “steal” one from someone else. 

You can get a good idea of where these samples might be in the galaxy simply by talking to everyone at trading stations or even in fleets, by asking what they’re trading and what they have available for sale. Due to their popularity, you could find plenty of places that are willing to trade it for the right price.

Features of this technology:

Although this technology is considered the best of its kind in the universe, it isn’t quite perfect and several flaws are present. For example, although it’s able to withstand a lot of punishment, it’s still not able to deal with some kinds of weapons. If you decide to keep it as a trophy or even use it against your enemies, they might be able to overcome its defenses and destroy them outright. 

It also has no abilities that allow its user to travel at great speeds so if you try and fly through battle zones at high speeds you’re going to get into trouble very fast. However, by using this technology you’ll be able to accurately hit targets over a distance much farther than what is usual in other classes of ships.

Advantages of this technology:

If you bring this technology with you, you’ll be able to face the most dangerous creatures or even powerful factions in their own domain without any worry. As such, if it was discovered by them, they’d be powerless to do anything against your fleet. This is probably the main advantage of using this technology.

Disadvantages of this technology:

Despite all its advantages there are also several flaws present and these are ones that can prove quite dangerous when it comes to combat. First of all, its effective range is very short which means that your target will have time to take action while it’s still unable to react to his close surroundings but only because he’s moving at a high rate of speed.

How does it work?

On the logs you’ll find a variety of information about this technology and you should be able to understand them by reading them but if there’s anything unclear or you have additional questions, it’s likely that someone did. Don’t forget that everyone has something else in their life other than just getting involved in battles and trading these samples.

It also has no responses to your actions so it’s not possible to interact with it in any other way than using the right command. In space, it’s likely that these questions will never be answered but at least within the confines of our solar system.

Who is this technology for?

These samples are most commonly used by private pilots and their ships so they can make some money. Due to the ineffectiveness of this technology when it comes to long-range combat, it’s likely you will see it on ships that have additional weapons.

There are also those who use this technology in order to monitor what happens around them. But due to the fact that these samples are not typically very large in size, they know that if they’re discovered by anyone with ill intentions then they’re likely going to be taken or destroyed.

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