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The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Dumpster Rental Company

If you’re about to embark on a home renovation project or simply have a lot of trash to get rid of, you may be considering hiring a dumpster rental company.

Hiring one is a great decision for homeowners renovating or cleaning out their homes. A dumpster rental company can take care of that for you, and it’s not as expensive as you might think. However, there are some pros and cons to consider before making the final decision.

The Pros

It’s Safer

Having a dumpster is a safe and effective way to temporarily contain garbage while your renovation or clean-up takes place. It provides an area where you can store all of the debris from your project, so it’s out of the way and not scattered on the ground where people could trip over it or otherwise get hurt.

Plus, you can have the company take the dumpster away on your own schedule, which is perfect if you have a lot of waste to dispose of. This way, you can have it constantly thrown away so that it doesn’t accumulate on your property.

It’s More Convenient

Hiring a company like the RedBox+ Dumpster Rental in West Phoenix is convenient for homeowners because this service will typically cover all the details for you. For example, you don’t have to worry about hauling your trash to the landfill yourself, finding a place that will accept it, or figuring out how it will be disposed of.

In addition, these services are more convenient because they’re open 24 hours a day and allow you to schedule a time that is most convenient for you.

It’s Eco-Friendly

This is also a good choice for the environment because it prevents the trash from being haphazardly strewn about your property or blown into other areas. In addition, the contents are contained in one area instead of all over your property.

And these companies often know if something needs special treatment. This way, you prevent any hazardous materials from ending up in the wrong place. This also helps prevent illegal dumping because these companies are responsible and trusted.

It’s Cost-Effective

Hiring a dumpster rental company is often the best choice for homeowners because it’s cost-effective. If you plan to do the work yourself, there are likely hidden expenses once you get started that might make this option less economical than hiring someone else to take down walls or rip up carpets.

The price of the service depends on the company. However, it’s often worth the money once you consider other benefits like convenience and ease of use.

The Cons

It Requires Space

The first drawback to consider is that you must have enough room on your property for a dumpster, which can be as large as 12 cubic yards. Of course, this won’t be possible if it means encroaching onto other people’s property or blocking traffic flow.

And this is another reason why you’ll need to make sure your project can be done within the confines of the dumpster.

It Costs Money

The service is not free. On the contrary, renting can be quite expensive, especially for large-scale projects that require more than one dumpster to store all the debris and garbage.

The price depends on the company, so you probably won’t have issues finding one that fits your budget. Plus, you’d have to pay even if you were to take the trash to the dump yourself. Sadly, there’s no way to dispose of it for free.

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