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Things you should know about Laser hair Removal

It is summer, and you want to go to the beach, or a pool party, etc., but you are ashamed to go out because of the hair on your body. You have tried everything like plucking, waxing, shaving, and all the other options available, but they take time and are painful. There has to be a better way that doesn’t make you scream or moan as you go through another of your hair removal routines before your beach or pool party etc. And there is a simple, painless method called laser hair removal in which you might be interested to know more about.

What is Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Laser hair removal is non-surgical way to remove unwanted coarse, dark body hair. Laser hair removal is not permanent, but it is the best way to get rid of hair for a long period. One needs more than a single treatment for effective hair removal. It depends on the exact number of hair, depends on the size, the location of the treatment area, and hair type. Laser hair removal treatment kills the hair follicle at the root. It the best alternative compared to shaving, waxing, or plucking.

Best Time to get Treatment

Most people get their hair removal treatment during summer or spring time because then you’ll be ready in time to face the summer crowd! Hair removal treatment can be done on almost any part of the body-legs, underarms, bikini line, back, arms etc.

How many sessionsdo I need?

On average, a person will need 5 to 8 treatment sessions for the best results. While some people might get their whole treatment done in 2 sessions, some may take ten or more sessions. It all depends on your skin color, hair color, hair texture, and treatment area location.

The most comfortable hair to remove with a laser is dark, coarse hair on light skin. People who have darker skin and lighter hair will face difficulty because the laser will not target the pigment in the hair. People who have red, blonde, or gray hair will not have results like people with darker hair.

Laser hair removal treatment removes almost all the hair it targets, but it is prevalent for the laser to miss some hair in the treatment area. If you find that the laser has missed some hair, then you can go over and get it removed by laser.

Safety Measures before laser hair removal treatment

Before you go for your laser hair removal treatment, there are a few things you need to take care of so that the process goes smoothly. Ensure you steer clear of sun exposure for up to six weeks, as most doctors recommend. Sun exposure and tanning may increase side effects. You should also not try tweezing. You can shave as it preserves the hair shaft and follicles. After your procedure, try to avoid too much exposure in the sun and always remember to apply on some sunscreen before you head out into the sun. That kept aside. Laser hair removal is an excellent method of hair removal.

Removal of unwanted hair is one of the most common things that people of the modern world practice to beautify their appearance. There are many ways by which a person can remove unwanted hair from his body. They include methods like electrolysis, waxing, shaving, plucking, laser hair removal, etc. These methods have their benefits, which we can see as soon as we are done with the treatments. Thus all of these hair removal methods will have side effects of their own.

Talking about laser hair removal in particular, a technique comes to mind that is fast, relatively painless, and the results are far more effective than all the other methods mentioned here. But there is a price for that apart from the money. There are a few safety concerns to be kept in mind when opting for laser hair removal.

First, the color of your skin versus the color of your hair. The color of your skin and your hair color must be in stark contrast for laser hair removal to be performed safely and without side effects. If this is not done, hideous rings will appear on your skin around the hair follicle. The basic science behind this is that darker surfaces absorb light better than lighter surfaces. For laser hair removal to be possible, the laser light pulse’s energy must be absorbed by the follicle so that it is burnt. If the skin around the hair follicle is darker or even approximates the hair follicle’s color, the energy is also absorbed by the skin, which would result in a so-called “laser burn” on the skin. This laser burn affects your skin and creates large imperfections on the skin surface around the hair follicle. Before proceeding with laser hair removal, make sure that this condition is met. In all other cases, you shouldn’t consider laser hair removal as an option. It will do you more harm than good.

Apart from that, laser hair removal has proven to be a safe method for unwanted hair removal. However, you have to keep in mind that it is quite expensive compared to other laser hair removal methods available. Immediately after or sometime later, when you are finished with your treatment, the skin will turn red as well. It will be irritating, even a little irritating, but that’s perfectly normal. You don’t have to worry.

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