Tips for GRE Exam Preparation

In the world of globalization, people are moving from one place to another for the search of better career opportunities, good living standards, and education. Although there are thousands of universities and colleges around the world but some places are hotspots of education due to their high standard of curriculum and better opportunities for a job after studies and a friendly living environment for foreign students.

But, due to high standards of education in countries like the USA and Canada, their colleges and universities also seek students who are good in their respective fields for that evaluation they took Exam like GRE that is ”Graduate Record Examination”. GRE test is one of the basic requirements for admission to universities and colleges in the USA and Canada. This test is used for testing the aptitude ability of an individual.This test contains a syllabus based on mathematics, analytical thinking, and verbal ability. This test is basically for the admission in Post Graduate and Doctoral courses. 

Although there are many institutes available in every country for the preparation of GRE test.The majority of students take the help of online study material and preparation as per their needs. Because online preparation saves time as well as money as compared to classroom program preparation.

Now, let’s have a look at some tips for GRE online prep:

  • Before making a plan for GRE preparation one should analyze his or her current preparation so that he should know what to study and which areas need to be covered the most. For that, one should give a mock test for checking the current score.
  • Make target:Set a target score which will fulfill your dream of taking admission in the desired college or university.
  • Make plans for deficit score:After mock test, you will know the deficit and gap in your preparation after that you can choose the preparation technique and strategy.
  • Practice: Practice makes the man perfect; one should start practicing the technique as per the syllabus of the exam.
  • Build Vocabulary: Vocabulary is the main requirement for the verbal ability section; one should focus on this by regularly reading newspapers and magazines.
  • Avoid using the calculator: Time management is a very important aspect in the GRE exam so one should avoid using a calculator, although the calculator is available on-screen during exams. 
  • Review your performance:One should always have a look at his performance by giving mock tests during preparation so he should get the strength and weakness analysis of his preparation.

Range of GRE score – The combined score for both the section is 340, 170 for Verbal, and 170 for Quantitative aptitude.

Passing marks and percentage requirements depends upon the university and course requirement for which you are seeking admission.

GRE online preparation v/s Classroom program:

  • Online preparation is cheaper than a classroom program.
  • It is more efficient and time-saving as comparedto the classroom program because it saves travelling time also and you can study anytime as per your schedule. 
  • Give mock test as a live test environment, which is the best thing you get on the online platform because the GRE test is computer-based only.


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