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The Advanced Guide to UMDL Softwares

UMDL Software is a software development company based in Chennai, India. 

We provide solutions and expertise to small and medium enterprises in different verticals like Health Care, Education, Manufacturing and Finance. 

The umdl software is designed for developers across markets like Android, iOS and Windows Phone. 

The developer community includes students of various universities around the world who are enrolled in the free online courses offered by UMDL Software. 

The company also offers services like web design & development, SEO & SEM optimization, IT consulting etc.

Here are some points discussed about UMDL Software-

1. UMDL Software is totally free to download.

The software is free for download, you can get it from the website. It includes 6 applications which are Android, iOS, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Windows and an App Creator. 

2. Application Development

The application development process uses Java and its development environment is Eclipse. UMDL Software provides support for students to develop your application in the form of forums and guides

UMDL Software was founded by Shrikumar Srinivasan in Chennai in 2011 with 4 members on board under the name Umeshware technologies.

Later in 2014 the company was re-branded as Umdl software technology . The team has members from diverse fields like Engineering, Finance and Marketing. 

The company initially focused on providing mobile apps and websites to companies and small businesses. Over time, the company’s focus shifted to online training and it is currently conducting free online courses for students in the field of application development using Java programming language .

3.Free online courses

The company offers free online courses for students worldwide who are interested in developing mobile applications using the technologies like android, iOS , Ubuntu, Linux mint, windows and an App Creator. 

The training is supported by forums and the member’s access to source code repositories. 

The course content is mainly developed by UMDL Software team members which includes members with expertise in IT consulting, programming languages like Java, PHP etc., 

Marketing , Finance & Project Management.

The content development includes topics like Mobile Architecture Design, User Interface Design & Usability etc . 

4.Applications developed by the students using UMDL Software

The UMDL Software technologies have been used by students globally to develop mobile apps and web applications. 

Till date there are 532 apps developed by 715 developers from 78 countries in the world . 

Below are a few of the apps developed by students-

Android App: TCS Pune, Android App: Story Pickle, Android App: Youth Ki Awaaz, Android App: Help kids with Cancer, Android App: Logic Puzzles for Kids, Ubuntu App : File Transfer , Ubuntu App : Emoji Coder , Ubuntu app : The Secret Agent 

5.Reach of UMDL Software

UMDL Software is an online platform supported by a passionate community. It has a global presence with students from various countries across the world actively participating in the courses and developing mobile apps.

All this has been achieved with no official marketing plan in place until now. The online courses are supported by Local language forums for students from each country . 

UMDL Software has been featured in several national and international blogs and newspapers like Youth Ki Awaaz, Economic Times. 

The company plans to commence official marketing initiatives from early 2017 onwards including partnering up with educational institutions which will help create a comprehensive backend support system for its community of students, developers and clients.

6.Future Goals of UMDL Software

UMDL Software is planning to come up with new features for its online courses and source code repositories, apart from the application development training. 

The company has plans to launch an incubator program for students and developers who are interested in building their mobile application ideas. 

The program will provide a platform for them to connect with potential clients, develop their ideas and get support from the company’s existing network of five hundred plus clients in various countries across the world . 

7. Awards and recognition

In 2016 the company’s founder, Shrikumar Srinivasan was awarded the title of “Young Achiever” by The Economic Times and in 2017 he was the recipient of the CNBC TV 18 Young Turks award in the “Entrepreneurship & Innovation” category . 

UMDL Software has been recognized by the education ministry of India. The government has asked the company to develop training modules in Hindi for senior teachers to conduct online training for students in schools. 

This will be an important step forward in making the company’s courses useful for professionals across all age groups.

UMDL Software is a mobile application development platform which uses Eclipse as its development environment. 

Eclipse is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Java programming language. Eclipse is mostly used by Java programmers to make software applications for different platforms.

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