Water Ionizer- Significant Healthcare Advancement

Water Ionizer works on the principle of electromagnetism by using a process called electrolysis. It is an innovative domestic appliance that increases the pH of potable water by bifurcating it into alkaline and acidic streams. The alkaline stream of water is called alkaline water. The process includes the removal of carbonates (Carbon dioxide) from the drinkable water. It converts daily water into antioxidant super-rich water.  There is a hot debate on alkaline water in the medical field, same as an alkaline diet, but there is no supportive evidence available


Water flows between charged plates within an alkaline water ionizer, which are separated by a unique membrane known as an Ion-Permeable Membrane. Ions – energetically charged atoms and molecules – can travel through that membrane. It prevents the passage of energetically neutral atoms and molecules. Because water molecules have no energy charge, they do not flow through the barrier. Because both alkaline mineral ions and carbonate ions in water have energy charges, they are allowed to pass through. The alkaline minerals are separated from the acidic carbonate in this way.

Water contains alkaline minerals that have a positive energy charge, making them positively charged ions. Similarly, the acidic carbonate in water has a negative electrical charge, resulting in negatively charged ions.The ions get separated by the electrically charged plates. The alkaline ion, which is a positively charged ion, gets attracted by negative plates, and the acidic carbonate, which is a negatively charged particle, gets attracted to the positive plates. The advanced membrane, ion-permeable membrane, allows both negative and positive ions to pass through and get separated into two different chambers, Alkaline and Acidic. Oxidative ions are present in the acidic chamber, and antioxidant ions are present in the alkaline side.

Alkaline water from an alkaline water ionizer differs from tap water. The mineral hydrates in alkaline water provide it with health benefits that you don’t receive from tap water: Alkalinity that prevents acidity – alkaline water has the ability to neutralize acids. Antioxidant potential – Alkaline water reduces dangerous oxidation Better taste – Alkaline water is barely sweeter and loads more remarkably refreshing! Tap water doesn’t have any of these wholesome characteristics because one’s healthy blessings are locked up with the aid of using the acidic carbonate in faucet water. In practice, the acidic carbonate balances out the alkaline minerals, resulting in energetically neutral stream water. Perhaps this is why tap water tastes “dead” in comparison to alkaline water.

History Of Water Ionizer

The history of the water ionizer is one of science’s encounters with one of nature’s secrets in a remote, rugged corner of the planet where the people demonstrated extraordinary Longevity and Good Health. They discovered that the excellent health was caused by glacial water coming into the valley and being consumed by the residents. 

Then some of the knowledgeable people realized that we could also re-organize water with the help of electricity in the same way nature does with other elements. This discovery gave birth to The Water Ionizer, widely regarded as the greatest significant healthcare advancement since Sir Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin. The first water ionizer was established in Japan in 1950, in the examinations were conducted on animals and plants. Late in 1955, the majority of the agriculture universities adopted the technology on a broader basis to have a study on acidic water.

Facts And Myths About Water Ionizer

Water ionizer is an advanced appliance that separates water into its acidic and alkaline components. Passing years have shown extensive uses of alkaline water in many fields. But with every rose, there are some spikes attached to it. Over the years, many companies, to sell their products, falsely claimed the use of alkaline water in the field of medicine. None of the experiments suggests this fact, but to each its own. To influence people, then beat around the bush only to hide the truth, but when examined, there is a different kettle of fish. Alkaline water has nothing to do with cancer and significant universities have declared it as a false claim, since it violates basic human biology and chemistry.


Water ionizer works on the mechanism of electrolysis which separates running water. It increases the pH of water by removing the acidic part, carbonates (carbon dioxide) from it. Proponents say that drinking alkaline water has a number of health benefits, making it similar to alkaline diets as an alternative health Practice. Such statements defy basic chemical and physiology concepts. There is no scientific proof to this, and these beliefs have been disproved by extensive scientific data. Japan was the first country to make water ionizers back in 1950. And further agriculture universities started using it back in 1955. It is believed that water ionizer is one of the great inventions of humankind. The scientist took a clue from nature and then implemented it on water. Both components of water have found extensive use in different fields.   

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