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What is Ins Cans Planas?

Moodle is a learning management system (LMS) which means it’s designed to help teachers share knowledge and organize their courses. 

The learner experience is improved, teachers are able to do much more, and learners have more opportunities for success by being able to take things at their own pace.

There’s a relatively new feature called Ins Cans Planas that some colleges and universities are implementing. 

Just as with Insights, it provides access to information about the learner’s progress and helps teachers design more effective classes.

The moodle ins can planas allows collaboration among students who are working on the same topic, as well as instructors who want to discuss what is happening with their learners and provide additional resources or guidance for those they’re teaching.

Here are some points discussed about Ins Cans Planas-

1. Content recommendations.

One of the main features of Ins Cans Planas is its ability to recommend additional resources for students to use to increase their understanding. 

These recommendations are based on the types of courses they’ve completed and the performance indicators they’ve received. 

Students can also suggest resources, which allows them to actively participate in their own learning.

2. Tracking student progress.

Teachers can see how much work has been done by all learners, as well as which areas need more focus. 

They can then easily track student progress and see how assignments are progressing. This is especially helpful for pre-assignment and post-assignment assessments. 

Students can also see how they’re progressing, and teachers can provide encouragement and guidance to keep them motivated.

3. Custom grading scales

One of the most important features of Ins Cans Planas is its ability to grade assessments on a custom scale. 

There’s no limit to the number of scales you can create, which makes it very useful for instructors teaching multiple courses but using the same assessment tool. 

Teachers are able to import grading scales from other systems as well as create their own.

4. Compare learners’ work with peers

The ability to compare learners’ work is a key feature of Ins Cans Planas. When a student completes an assignment, you can see how they compare to other students in the course or in their own class. 

You can also see a comparison of standards and standards-based assessments to see how students are performing on state standards and which online tests have been taken.

5. Check out resources

Besides being able to suggest additional resources for students, instructors can also check out suggested resources from other instructors or from their own assigned content. 

This is especially helpful when assignments require sources that haven’t been provided, such as journal articles or primary sources.

Resources can be checked out for the full length of time allotted for an assignment, or for one or two weeks. 

This is useful when you need to go back to review sources or study a topic further before the next assignment.

6. Send notes to students

Instructors can send notes to any learner in their course directly through Ins Cans Planas. 

They may want to ask a student if they have any questions about an assignment or leave encouragement, but they can also provide feedback on how well they’re doing on assignments and what areas of the course need more attention. 

This feature allows students to communicate with their teachers both one-on-one and in groups.

7. Assignments organized into topics

Ins Cans Planas also allows for the organization of course material by topic. 

It’s possible to see how different themes interrelate to each other, which gives instructors an idea of how lessons are related to one another. 

This is helpful when you want to give your students a more holistic view of the subject matter, rather than the traditional compartmentalized approach that has been used for years.

8. Collaboration tracking

Students can see what other people have contributed to an assignment, and instructors can track who’s involved in a discussion. 

This allows instructors to see who the students are working with, which makes it possible for teachers to get together online and discuss their approach, ask questions of the class, or encourage them if they’re having problems with an assignment.

9. Course completion certificates

Another feature of Ins Cans Planas allows you to send a course completion certificate directly from your Moodle site. 

You can also request a completion certificate from the state department of education if you’re using this feature, so students have a physical representation of their accomplishments.

10. Analysis of student data

From an educational standpoint, Ins Cans Planas has several features that allow educators to perform analysis on the data they collect. 

The course completion certificate mentioned earlier is part of this analytics tool, since it allows teachers to analyze the number of students who have earned certificates for online courses. 

This gives administrators a means of determining whether or not MOOCs are successful for their learners, and if they’re viable options for the future.