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Who Else Wants To Enjoy CAMBRIDGE

Cambridge is a world-renowned city, renowned for its academic institutions, historic architecture and trendy shopping. But Cambridge of 215 first street cambridge ma 02142 is also a great place to live if you like to enjoy the outdoors – it has more green space than any other urban area in England. In fact, one of every five hectares of green space in the country is within this city’s boundaries. And with its mix of ancient and modern buildings, you’ll be able to soak up some history too.

1. Cambridge

Cambridge is not only a beautiful city in its own right, but it also benefits from the fact that it is part of a larger urban area. It has approximately 65,000 residents and a wider population of more than 700,000. Most residents either work or study in the city center, so services are excellent – there are more than 17 different post-secondary institutions and over 45 primary schools. It would be hard to say one thing about this area that hasn’t been said before.

2. Parks

The city is on the banks of the River Cam which flows through the city. Another great thing about Cambridge is that you will never run out of green space to enjoy. The city council has invested heavily in parks and open spaces, which are regularly enjoyed by residents and visitors alike for recreation, fitness, sport and a place for family picnics.

3. Museums and Galleries

There are numerous historic buildings in Cambridge for you to marvel at – some of which date back centuries but have been modernized to meet today’s needs. Two beautiful examples of this are the University Library, which is the largest library in the world, and the Fitzwilliam Museum.

4. History

There is so much history to learn about in Cambridge that you could spend a lifetime here and never learn everything. For example there is a 500-year-old castle that has been here since medieval times, countless churches, ancient colleges and famous old organs.

5. Parks again

If you enjoy walking or running, then Cambridge offers you a wonderful way to get some exercise by using its expansive parks and open spaces. The city is also bordered by the beautiful Cambridgeshire countryside, which provides plenty of opportunities for a nice walk or run through forests and fields.

6. Shopping

Shopping in Cambridge is not just about IKEA , or Primark ‘s. There are plenty of independent shops to enjoy shopping in and you can even catch everything from designer fashion at three outlet stores to affordable British food in one of the many “foodie” shops.

7. Eating Out

If you want somewhere tasty to eat while visiting Cambridge then you should head straight to the restaurants on offer in the city center. From authentic Indian cuisine to the mouth-watering scent of fried fish, there is no shortage of good food in Cambridge.

8. Nightlife

If you like to party then Cambridge offers a wide range of nightlife activities from salsa to live music and fun karaoke nights. Visitors also enjoy the numerous pub crawls that take place every weekend throughout the year, giving you the chance to sample some of Cambridge’s finest pubs.

9. Shopping… again

The gaudy spectacle that is The Grand Arcade can be found in central Cambridge, which provides a brilliant shopping experience with everything from designer boutiques to bookshops and gift shops. You can even pick up a bargain at the Egyptian Centre, which not only has beautiful artwork but also houses an outstanding Egyptian museum.

10. Riding Bikes

Cambridge is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the country. It has more than 100 miles of bike lanes, making it easy to get around town without having to worry about traffic or inconsiderate drivers.

11. The River

The River Cam flows through the city and is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. You can hire a boat and row yourself along at your own pace. The banks of the river are also home to some of Cambridge’s largest parks, which provide ample space for picnics, relaxing or fun fields for families to play sports.

12. Shopping… again

If you are looking for some unique gifts when you visit Cambridge then there are plenty of places to choose from – it is home to more than 150 shops, which include everything from jewellers and antique shops to clothing boutiques and arts and crafts stores.

13. Terraces

If you love nature and have an appreciation of architecture then seek out the terraces of Cambridge. The earliest examples date back to 1262 but today there are more than 200 terraced houses throughout the city and many of them are still used for living as well as for their original purposes.

14. Bikes… again

Cambridge is a city that is very friendly towards cyclists, and it is well-known for how bicycle-friendly it is. If you like to cycle then you will need to purchase a bike permit before you can begin riding in the city.

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