Why Are Children So Obsessed With John Andraos Business

John Andraos is an inspirational speaker and author. He spoke at a conference I attended about how we can all turn our dreams into reality. His story about founding his company was both humorous and inspiring. He started with nothing but his desire to make more time for family, and ended up changing the way people view the home remodeling industry – something that was once dominated by big companies. John Andraos business is not unique. It is not the only business that started small and is now making a huge impact on the home remodeling industry. It is the same story for many other entrepreneurs. Children are seen to obsess over John Andraos Business. This is because children want to know about the most famous business on earth. Although the company is already a success, children believe there’s great potential for more.

Why Are Children So Obsessed With John Andraos Business :

1. They Believe In Themselves

John Andraos started a business that is worth $100 million. John Andraos was born in July 1956 in Beirut, Lebanon. He learned the work ethic at a very young age because his father owned a successful business and made sure John went to work with him every day after school. He turned his back on the world of academia to start a business because he believed in himself. He started his first cleaning business when he was 24.

2. They Have A Vision Of The Future

John Andraos started with nothing and wasn’t afraid to work for it. He had no guarantees, but has made a lot of money as well as changed the way many people think about home remodeling. John Andraos has also changed the way we think about janitorial services, roofing companies and more in this industry. If you want your dreams to come true, you need to start with nothing.

3. They Don’t Think Small

John Andraos was very successful as a small business owner, but he decided to increase his ability to work on larger jobs which set him apart from other businesses in the home remodeling industry. He was not afraid to take on larger projects and make millions of dollars while doing it. John Andraos believes without a vision of the future and nothing but faith, you will never be successful in anything you do. He wanted to prove that even if you start with little, it doesn’t mean you will never succeed. If you don’t believe in what you’re doing, then people won’t either and no one will hire you for anything.

4. They Don’t Try To Top The Competition

John Andraos loves to focus on the process because there is a lot of magic that happens along the way when you are making something happen. He believes that it’s a lot more satisfying and people will be more likely to hire you when they know exactly what you’ll be doing for them. 

Even if he’s not hired, he will still do whatever it takes to make sure the customer is happy with their remodeling experience. If you want your business to succeed, focus on how you can help your clients solve their problems – not how much money other people are making or what other people think about what you’re doing. John Andraos’ company is an example of this philosophy in action.

5. They Take Action

John Andraos’ company is worth more than $100 million because he has the confidence to take action and do whatever it takes to get the job done. He doesn’t care if people say it can’t be done, because that’s an excuse not to try at all. He also knows that if you want your business to take off you need to keep working at it, no matter how big or small it is. When you start working for yourself, you’re no longer tied down to anyone else’s schedule or demands and he took advantage of this freedom by branching out on his own and focusing on what was best for him.

6. They Are Passionate

John Andraos’ company is worth so much money because he is passionate about what he does. He designs his own paintings, which are sold to customers as well as art collectors all over the world. It’s important that you find the work you love and do it for the rest of your life. There’s no point in working at a job that you hate day after day, so it’s best to take your time and find out what makes you happy. John Andraos’ company was started with no money or knowledge, but he was committed to doing something great in this world. John Andraos also knows that there is always time for family, no matter how busy his day is going.

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