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Why shouldn’t you be mean to people in high school?

As a teenager, it is so tempting to judge and insult other teens in high school. Sometimes this behavior is due to decreased adult supervision and the need for social dominance but usually it is simply because we find different groups of teens amusing and want to make fun of something. 

Did you know that when we call people ugly in middle school, they can take that comment with them into adulthood? 

Let’s overwatch,be careful who you call ugly in middle school?

What’s more, adults might even place too much emphasis on what they “used” to look like in high school when judging their looks now? 

Check out this article for more information on why it is not just unkind but harmful to be mean when attending another person’s high school. 

Here are some more information about Why you shouldn’t be mean to people in high school-

1. You can unintentionally hurt people

Most people are not aware that words are deeply, deeply embedded in our brains. Calling someone ugly will have a lasting impact on their self-esteem. 

Being mean to another person is not just wrong but it is also harmful, since it will affect the person you ridicule for years or even decades to come.

2. Why be mean if you want friends?

We all have the same goal of becoming friends with others so why would we insult people? Perhaps it’s because we don’t know how to make friends or maybe some of us teens don’t even care about making friends. 

Whatever the reason, being mean will only lead to a life of loneliness with no one to turn to.

3. You have your whole life to be mean

Think about this: you have plenty of time in the future when you are an adult. Why would you want to hurt somebody in high school when there is plenty of time later in life? 

We all know that drama will follow us into our adult lives but why would we start drama (and hurt other people) when we don’t have to? Even if you’re not interested in making friends, at least don’t be mean. There’s too much suffering in this world already; let’s not add more.

4. You will end up hurting yourself

We want to be happy and healthy right? So why would we want to hurt other people in our quest for happiness? 

5. You’re a crusader, not an aggressor

Sometimes critics, especially the ones who call you ugly, are just trying to be aggressive. They can’t help it, they’re just trying to impress their peers. Be kind to others even if they call you ugly or something similar. If they’re really mean, it will come back to you.

6. You need to start somewhere

Yeah, calling someone something like ugly or disgusting is not the best start but it’s better than nothing. 

At least our teens will get used to seeing people upset with them by doing this so they will get used to the feeling of being mean. 

7. It’s not just about looks! 

We sometimes tend to think that all we need to do is call someone ugly and they’ll be so embarrassed that they won’t come around anymore. 

But it’s never as simple as that, it’s about the whole person who is being insulted and everything else about them as well. 

Being mean to other people is not just about looks, it’s about their body language, the way they talk, and who they are as a person.

8. It shouldn’t be this hard! 

There shouldn’t be a reason for us to be like this at all! There’s no reason that we shouldn’t treat others with respect and kindness. 

If we can call each other ugly in high school, why not grow out of it and become better people? We can’t do it on our own; we need help from adults and adults need to realize how important it is to stop teens from being mean. 

9. You can get in trouble!

Teens can be more legally responsible than we think and calling someone ugly could count as cyberbullying, which is against the law. It’s not just a joke if it makes some other people feel so bad that they want to kill themselves. 

We don’t have to spend our time bullying other people in order to get noticed for something good. Those who call others ugly aren’t necessarily bad people but they might be hurting on the inside and need help themselves.

10. The world does not revolve around you

So what if this person is ugly? It does not mean that the world revolves around them. Everyone will be just fine even if they are not pretty or handsome for example, look at all of our friends! There’s still lots of people who are pretty but no one cares. 

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