Worldwide, the number of Corona virus patients exceeds 12 million

Worldwide, the number of Corona virus-infected people has increased from 12 million to more than 64,000 globally. The UK has the highest number of 708 deaths in a single day so far, including a five-year-old child in the UK Healthcare in the Midlands UK The head of the agency’s National Health Services said the fight against Corona is a long journey and he has appealed to the people to stay home as much as possible.

In a daily briefing given by the British government to Corona, Minister Michael Gove has termed the Corona virus-linked conspiracy theories of the FiGG mobile phone network dangerous and vile. It is clear that millions of people have participated in a public petition against FIVEG technology in the UK so far. The petition claims that the Corona virus spreads with the help of FIVE G technology and that such videos are shared on social media in addition to such claims, mobile phone poles have been burnt in Birmingham and Morsi Side.

The United States has confirmed 630 fatalities in New York in the past 24 hours, while US President Donald Trump has said that aid will be focused mostly on the areas most affected so far in New York. There are over 3500 deaths. 

He said that military personnel would soon be made aware of their responsibilities and that a thousand military personnel had been deployed to New York City. In a daily briefing given by the Corona Task Force at the White House, the US president said that 40,000 trapped American citizens from all over the world have been repatriated. 

Addressing his people, the US President said that we are fighting for you and we are facing it all over the country. He expressed his love, sympathy and expression to the people and said that due to corona virus many deaths in the country. Unfortunately, there will be many deaths. President Trump said federal aid will now focus on the areas that need it most and those most affected.

Dr. Anthony Fossey, head of the US National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, urged the American public to follow the guidelines for maintaining social distance during the Corona Virus Task Force briefing at the White House. 

“New patients are moving to the hospital at the same time and there are also intensive care deaths,” he said, adding that the focus is on limiting the number of new patients to the hospital. “I want to appeal to the American people that we too can make a difference by following these steps and we need to maintain social distance,” Dr Fosse said. The death toll from the Corona virus has risen to over 15,000 in Italy, while the country’s civil defense chief says the number of patients for the first time has dropped, which is a positive news for the country.

In the last 8 days, the death toll in Italy has also decreased steadily, while in Spain in the last 24 hours 809 people have been killed due to the Corona virus and this is the first time in the last three days that the number has been less than 900. The Prime Minister of Spain said that the country is nearing the height of the infection, Lockheed’s measures have been extended to 26 April as well as the total number of deaths due to the Corona virus in France has reached 7560.

Meanwhile, Dubai has announced a lockdown for two weeks in the UAE to prevent the Corona virus. Italy’s Department of Urban Protection says the number of coronary virus-infected patients has dropped for the first time in the country, with 681 more deaths confirmed in Italy, followed by Corona virus-related deaths in the country. The total number of has been 15362.

But for the first time, the number of patients in the country has dropped from 4068 to 3994, said Angelo Borelli, head of the Department of Urban Safety, adding that the figures are very important because seeing the decline in patients for the first time. Has come. Health officials in France say 441 more people have been killed by the Corona virus in the past 24 hours, and the latest death toll has risen to 5532 in the country.

According to authorities, the death toll in hospital patients has declined in recent days, but the details of casualties at the residence of the elderly people have increased.

By the time it reached 2028, a total of 7560 people have been killed in France. In the country, 28,143 people are being treated in hospitals while 6838 are in intensive care. Meanwhile, Turkey has said that 501 people have been killed in the country so far and the total number of Corona-affected people has increased to 24,000, where the number of victims of Cod-19 in the world is increasing day by day. More than two million of those affected have recovered, but there are some patients who have recurred the Corona virus after recovering.

A common cold can also develop into a patient suffering from an infection such as colds, so what is different about the Corona virus is the virus, says Louise Enhanos, a virologist at the National Center for Biotechnology in Spain. A recurrence of the virus was detected in at least 14% of patients who had returned the Corona test negative after recovery.

People across the globe are taking social distance due to the Corona virus. In most countries the number of Corona victims is increasing and casualties are increasing. The death toll in the Netherlands has increased from 164 to 1651, Germany has formed an international risk area at Robert Koch’s medical institute along with several other countries, including neighboring Austria and Switzerland, as well as Britain. There have been 140 deaths in 24 hours. So far the total number of deaths has been 1283.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has invited opposition leaders to discuss their response to the virus. British people trapped in Philippines will be returned home on April 7 by a flight The Philippines has so far killed 144 people. Corona virus kills first in Kuwait On the other hand, the death of a 79-year-old woman in Georgia was the first Coronary outbreak in the country.

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