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5 Common House Construction Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Building a house is certainly not a piece of cake. From managing finances, selecting the right construction material to signing a contract, and handling labourers experience – all this together can make this cumbersome as well as a daunting task. 

Many people are desirous to wrap up construction work as early as possible. However, there are certain things in life that need patience and persistence and constructing a house is one of these. You need to be very vigilant and careful while building a house.

In this article, we shed light on some of the most home construction mistakes that homeowners make and by the time they realize their blunders – nothing can’t be undone.

Proper Access to Sunlight

You might have witnessed that the best commercial property for sale in Mumbai comes with a construction plan that allows the maximum sunlight to fill in the rooms. Same is the case while building a home. 

So, position the living space so that you can allow the natural sunlight to fill it. If you block all the points from where the sunlight enters the house, be prepared to pay some extra bills. Nobody can deny the importance of natural sunlight enriching the home. It is also important for the well-being of people.

Remember one thing: your washroom, living room and kitchen should be well-lit. If your kitchen and washroom is a dark, grimy place, it can become a breeding ground for pests and cockroaches. Therefore, keep pests and other insects away by orienting a house in an accurate position. You can also place skylights to bring light in dark spots of the house, especially those rooms that are towards the interior side of the dwelling.

Not Using the Living Space Effectively

Some homebuyers do not prefer to use their covered areas effectively. Your living space should be generous; in this way, you can manage as many guests as you want. Never waste space in constructing large washrooms. After all, everybody spends a fraction of their time in that area. 

Construct the washroom as per your requirements and keep the overhead shower away from the basin. Most of the homebuyers make this common home construction mistake by placing an overhead shower between the toilet seat and washbasin. They never realize this mistake unless or until they start living in that house.

Likewise, making a small drawing room is yet another home construction mistake. Your guests won’t feel comfortable sitting in a stuffy and small room. Moreover, don’t make high ceilings in a home if you have kids. There are bright chances that it will create an echo when children play in that area. These minor mistakes can cost you a fortune if you fail to avoid them in the first place.

Electrical Circuits Placed Incorrectly

Placing electrical sockets at wrong places is yet another construction mistake that should be avoided. Even switchboards are sometimes placed so low that any child can put their fingers in it. This can cause severe injury. Moreover, placing them at extremely high locations makes their usage extremely difficult.

It’s always a better idea to place sockets in those areas where small children can’t reach. Therefore, make kid-friendly changes in your home when renovating or constructing your house.

Place of Pipes

Pipes are one of the essential key features in any house construction. If you place them wrong, then consider yourself a goner.

Always remember to place the hot-water pipes close to your bathroom and kitchen so that it doesn’t take a long time to reach the tap. Make sure to place the sewerage line from the outer area of the house instead of placing them from the lounge area.

In this way, you can easily fix the plumbing issue without breaking the tiles of your living space.

No Proper Ventilation System

If you are constructing your home in Mumbai, or for that matter building any house in India, make sure to construct wide and floor-to-ceiling windows so as to keep natural airflow. While some of the best real estate developers in Mumbai will take these things into consideration others need some guidance in this regard. This way you can save energy costs as you will be less dependent on-air conditioners to keep rooms cool. This is one of the best methods to reduce electricity bills in summers.

Yet another common mistake that hinders natural airflow is the placement of the doors. They should allow maximum air to pass through rooms so as to make it airy during the hot season.

In all, consider these common mistakes and make sure to avoid them while constructing your house to avoid landing in hot waters.

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