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Today millions of users browse the internet on their smartphones, handhelds, tablets, and other portable devices. Considering this new trend, webmasters have also started focusing on the newer, smarter concepts of web designing. These days, leading internet business companies, web developers are concentrating on more flexible, responsive website layouts.

Back in 2012, we have observed several significant changes in website design trends, and in 2013, experts are foreseeing a similar flow as well. In 2013, there will be several changes, however, the focus on trendy looks and responsive designs will remain the same. Let’s explore some most popular web design trends we will observe through 2013:

Top 5 website design trends in 2013: a must-explore list

Most designers are concentrating on the latest technologies, more flexible scripts for the modern websites. CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5 have already changed the concept of plain, simple websites.

Let’s discover the top 5 web design trends that we’ll observe in the upcoming days:

#1 Responsive Layouts

Responsive LayoutsNow we can’t even think about a website without responsive layouts for different devices resolutions. These layouts are considered as spines for commercial websites these days. Percentage-based sizing and slicing have made it really easy for a website to show up on a browser according to device’s color contrasts and resolution. A responsive layout ensures optimal user-experience, no matter what device the user is navigating on!

Web design trends image
Web design trends image

#2 Flat design

Considering the latest change in consumer behavior and popular devices, webmasters are also becoming interested in developing websites with simple designs once again. Simple websites with solid, strong colors undoubtedly get better views in devices with smaller screens. Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 8 has a flat appearance that attracted millions of users that include innovative webmasters. This would be a popular trend in web design throughout 2013.

#3 Fixed Header Bars

Fixed Header BarsIt seems the old website designing concepts are being reinvented. Now, webmasters are invariably using fixed header bars to ensure effective, easier navigation on the website. They are re-discovering the innovative static nav-bars on modern websites once again. This also helps a smartphone user explore a website with better comfort and flexibility. 2013 is all about re-introducing simplicity and ease into the busy, commercial websites!

#4 Large Photo Backgrounds

Large Photo BackgroundsSince 2012, there’s been a major change in the background image trends. Now, the webmasters are demanding for high resolution, large images to be used in the background. This definitely increases the page cache memory, however, this high resolution, crystal clear backgrounds help the designers keep the website simple yet attractive to a visitor browsing the internet on a smartphone. Detailed illustrations and pixel-perfect images are now available on many popular websites – thanks to CSS3 and HTML5.

#5 CSS Transparency & Animations

CSS Transparency & AnimationsFinally, it’s time to talk about one of the most creative versions of CSS ever. CSS3 has recently been introduced and in no time it turned out to be the most popular markup language among the designers around the world. Now, we don’t have to worry about adding animated elements on the websites. Using CSS3 one can enjoy better freedom and sheer control over the looks of a website. We can make it simple, powerful, attractive and definitely more flexible for the visitors.

From the list above, we can easily figure out the current web designing trends. Everyone is preparing for a tough fight for #1 on the search engines. This can only be possible if the visitors like the look of a website and feel comfortable navigating there.

Hence, webmasters and developers are becoming more concerned about building simple, powerful websites that can re-structure itself according to the consumers’ needs!

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