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5 Explanation On Why Lifestyle Fitness Is Important

Exercise is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and it has a wide range of benefits. But that’s not all it can do – exercise aids in improving mood and cognitive function, slows down the aging process, protects against heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. It can also decrease stress levels and lower your risk for depression! Lifestyle fitness andover is an aspect of exercise that is oftentimes overlooked.

But there are other benefits to exercise other than improving ones’ physical well-being. Individuals who have low levels of physical activity have a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s, while physical activity in elderly individuals has been shown to improve memory and cognitive skills. In fact, a study published by the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association found that individuals who exercise regularly had lower rates of cerebrovascular disease. Exercisers also sleep better, are stronger and have healthier hearts than non-exercisers. Exercise may even help reduce stress levels and aid in coping with depression.

How does exercise do all these things? It stimulates the production of chemicals in your brain known as endorphins (the same endorphins released when you feel happy), which lowers pain perception while increasing your body’s ability to deal with stress.A sedentary lifestyle is now the norm and it’s been proven that people who sit for more than 6 hours a day have an 80% higher chance of getting heart disease. 

It’s not surprising that many people are opting for fitness classes and staying active to prevent this from happening. Lifestyle fitness is often built into your work schedule, enabling you to squeeze in an hour of workout after work. Even if you can’t find the time for a hard-core workout, there are still ways to stay fit by taking a brisk walk around the office or trying some new exercises at home.

5 Explanation On Why Lifestyle Fitness Is Important :

1. Exercise keeps the mind and body busy

During exercise, the brain sends a message to the muscles to move, which triggers a chemical reaction that causes those muscles to contract. This in turn leads to a release of endorphins, which makes you feel good. It’s a positive feedback loop that keeps you busy and preoccupied, which in turn prevents you from thinking about things that might be stressing you out.

2. Exercising builds muscle

Muscles make up the largest part of our bodies and they are responsible for controlling all the movements of our body’s organs. Getting stronger, therefore, gives you a better chance of improving your ability to move your heart, lungs and other organs around your body — thereby reducing the risk of heart disease.

3. Exercise improves memory

Taking a walk with your kids stimulates their brains to produce fresh new synapses in their hippocampus — the part of the brain that is responsible for memory formation and recall. In addition, getting active helps improve blood flow, which means better delivery of oxygen to the brain. Taken together, these two benefits mean that exercise has a positive effect on memory, mood and concentration.

4. Exercise helps you sleep more soundly

As you grow older your ability to sleep decreases; it’s estimated that adults over the age of 65 require eight hours of sleep per night but get only half that amount on average. Exercise can help alleviate this by relaxing your muscles and boosting your body’s levels of serotonin and melatonin — both chemicals that affect your sleeping patterns.

5. Exercise can help protect against depression

Exercise isn’t just good for your body. It’s good for your mind as well, which is why it has been shown to benefit people suffering from depression. This is particularly true for those who are hypersensitive to the way the feel and perceive emotions and those who tend to focus on what’s wrong or negative in their lives.

Conclusion : 

Although exercise is so good for you, many adults don’t get enough of it. If you’re not exercising regularly now, try your hand at walking — it’s relatively inexpensive and easy to start since it’s just putting one foot in front of the other. You’ll be glad you did! Exercise, by definition, is a physical and mental effort directed at enhancing one’s health and/or quality of life and it can be categorized into two groups: strength training, which is basically weight lifting, and endurance training. 

Strength training builds muscle mass and bone density, increases metabolism and encourages weight loss. Endurance training strengthens resting heart rate, the heart’s intrinsic ability to pump blood and the respiratory system. A lot of people believe that it’s not possible to have a lifestyle fitness plan and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

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