7 Ways To Introduce Freedom Fitness

Most of us have a fitness routine that we know is working, but many of us don’t know how to introduce a new routine that’s different enough to make the difference. That’s why we’ve put together this post full of tips on how to introduce freedom fitness into your life. 

Being a member of the Freedom Fitness, Edinburgh Trenton tribe is an incredibly rewarding experience. It’s a lifestyle that encompasses you and all of your interests — making it impossible to forget or stray from. Here’s how you can be on the right path to success with Freedom Fitness.

1. Be proactive: 

Search for opportunities at your other jobs, or check out people near you who do what you do— like one of our members, John Pittenger! You can find him at the Freedom Fitness shop in Sequim, WA. That’s just one example, but there are tons of other options for you. He’s also written in depth about following his passion, so be sure to check out his post “How I was able to Follow My Dream Of Doing What I Love”. 

2. Start slow:

Easy does it! Not every new idea has to be revolutionary to be successful. And even if you are, try to do so with grace and patience. For example, if you want to try designing a workout for yourself, don’t expect everyone else on the program to adopt it right away. A small step is usually all these ideas need before they become popular and well-received by other members of the tribe. One of our members, Melissa Anzarut, recently took this approach when working on her breakfast recipe and creating the “Donut” smoothie!

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3. Get active:

You can’t lose weight without exercise! The amount of calories burned in one hour of exercise is more than the amount you eat in one meal! Sounds impossible, but think about it. It’s a lot of calories! At Freedom Fitness, we recommend you burn at least an hour a day when starting out. This is why we don’t have “workouts,” but rather “activities. If you can get on your bike to ride 10 miles and burn 500 calories, it’s the same as eating 500 calories that you don’t burn. Get moving with a fitness activity that makes you happy. And while you’re at it, be sure to follow FreedomFighters on Instagram and share your exercises! 

4. Support the tribe:

The more we all support each other, the more uplifting and fulfilling our activities become, both in and out of the gym. It’s how we’ll spread the word about awesome nutrition tips, workout ideas, and motivational quotes. Here are some ways you can help us out:

• Post your workout/nutrition idea on our Facebook page . 

• Follow us on Instagram . 

• Donate to our “Tribe Fund” at gofundme.com/freedomfitnessfund .

5. Be awesome:

It’s all about YOU!!! You can help the tribe succeed by being you! Create a workout/nutrition idea that will help you, and share it with your friends. Share your fitness stories on our Facebook page (make sure to tag us!) and share other members’ moments with a heart emoji. You can also become a member of the tribe and live vicariously through their stories, workouts, and inspiration! Show leadership and be one of the shining stars of the FreedomFighters tribe!

6. Follow our success stories on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube. 

You may have even seen some of them on our Snapchat! If you’re not following us yet, we’d love to have you. Just click on one of the buttons above or visit our website! And remember, you can always join the tribe at our gym in Belmont, CA. It’s important to share our growth and change with your friends because it inspires that change in others as well. That food you used to treat yourself to will soon be a part of a bigger picture.

7. Have fun with it:

It takes time to create new habits and change our ways, but with the challenges we face comes a sense of accomplishment. Find what works for you and make it yours! The more you stick with it, the more you’ll want to keep going. Our members have mentioned that the best part about fitness is that the results are so visible, both in our social life and bodies. Create an environment that works to your advantage by finding people who share your passions. Freedom Fitness is full of these positive, outgoing members who continue to keep the culture alive. You can find them at their local gyms, basketball courts, or even at home working out!


Our tribe has grown to over 45,000 members and continues to grow everyday. The feeling of accomplishment it creates can’t be matched. But this growth wouldn’t be possible without the help of our members. You can help us make a difference by following these tips and introducing your own workout or nutrition idea.

Aaron Finch
There are many labels that could be given to describe me, but one thing’s for certain: I am an entrepreneur with passion. Whether it's building websites and social media campaigns for new businesses or traveling the world on business trips - being entrepreneurs means constantly looking at yourself in a different light so as not get bored of your own success!