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Early Signs of Pressure Sores you should know about

Pressure sore is also known as a pressure ulcer or bedsore. It is a sort of injury to your body skin that may occur when the blood flow in the specific area is disrupted. It can happen due to lying or sitting for a long time in one particular position. Some professional medical researchers have proven that the use of medical sheepskin allows you to avoid pressure sores.  

The pressure wounds usually develop over your body parts.  Those are places with small tendering from fat. These wounds are commonly found on heels and hips. Other different areas incorporate the base of the spine, which is known as the tailbone, shoulder bones, the sides of knees, and the rear of the head. You are bound to get pressure wounds if you use a wheelchair or permanently paralyzed. It is usually found among those people who spend most of the time in bed.

Early signs & Symptoms of Pressure sores:

Pressure sores commonly appear on the underlying skin that has delayed contact with a bed or wheelchair. They appear on the hard bony zones such as hip-bone, spine, tail-bone, knees, shoulder bones, back of the head, and heels. 

Pressure sores fall into various stages, from gentle to severe. Side effects may include:

  • Broken skin or an open injury 
  • Blistering 
  • Crater like appearance 
  • Significant body pain 
  • Deep-tissue injuries that can influence the muscles, ligaments, and bones 

Early signs of Pressure sores: 

There are four different stages in which your body might show early signs of pressure sores:

Stage 1:

In the initial stage, the affected body area looks red. It might feel warm when touched. It might feel burned, hurt, or tingling. The pressure sore may look purple or blue in those people who have darkened complexion.

Stage 2:

At stage 2, the body area might feel more damaged. The sore area might be opened. The skin around the inflamed area might be stained. Doctors said that this sort of sore could be more painful.  

Stage 3:

At this stage, the irritated area looks like a crater.  It is because of the damaged skin surface. It makes the injury more painful and more profound.

Stage 4:

The stage is more severe and painful. Skin and tissue are seriously harmed in this stage. It turns into different injuries and infections. You are likely to see muscle, bones, ligaments, and joints.

Risk factors depending upon early stages for pressure sores:

Pressure sore can be caused by applying constant pressure on the skin over such a long period. Do you know that it is excessively found in older people? Yes, the skin of older people tends to be more delicate and thinner with time. It means that this health risk is increasingly developed in older people.

Some risk factors that might develop in the early stages of pressure sore include:

  • Paralysis and immobility due to severe head injury
  • Not being able to move or restricted to lying down all the time
  • Impaired ability to give a response to discomfort or sensations 
  • Symptoms of malnutrition that can lead to skin inflammation or reduced blood supply. It makes your skin little fragile and dull
  • Being overweighed that lower the blood flow level to your skin
  • Body circulation disorders which lead to high blood pressure

The healing process of Pressure sores at initial stages with sheepskin:

The infected pressure sores take a longer time to heal.  The skin infection can spread rapidly to the rest of your body parts. The signs that the skin wounds have spread include chills, fever, and body weakness. With the medical advancements, there is lots of stuff available in the market through which you can recover pressure sores at home. The use of Sheepskins is one of the effective ways to improve from bedsores. 

Advantaged of using sheepskins to overcome Pressure sores:

Medical sheepskins are produced using selective skins of merino crossbreeds. The special tanning guarantees a high sheepskin with delicate, smooth, and sweat proof leather. The fleece is delicate and thick. The fleece comes with brilliant shading that controls the internal heat level, giving cool solace in the winter and summer seasons.

Sheepskins are good electrical semiconductors. On the other hand, the manufactured materials carry on as non-conductors. The property permits a characteristic trade of static development on the clothes or skin.  

The properties of sheepskins utilized for providing a soft touch. Also, patients bound to bed may experience a variety of body illness for example,

  • Bedsores which is known as decubitus
  • Tender weight focuses 
  • Bad air circulation which leads to improper odor
  • Excessive sweat 
  • Pressure on Hip bone 
  • Hemiparesis
  • Back pain

All of these side effects might be overcome by utilizing sheepskins as a medical aid.

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