eGift CARDS: All you need to know!

What more can be unique and easy to gift other than eGift cards! eGift Cards are an ideal way to gift someone and can be redeemed online as well as in stores. Generally, most of the eGift Cards are redeemed online on different e-commerce websites. However, certain walk-in stores accept them as well. We can replace them as our traditional payment method as well, and hence, can opt for the gift card as a mode of payment. 

What is an eGift Card?

eGift Cards are nothing but gift cards that can be mostly redeemed at online stores. Such stores accept gift cards as a mode of payment. However, we would advise you to ensure that whether the website or the store is accepting them as a mode of payment or not and then proceed to select the item. 

Following are certain digital Gift Cards that we can purchase: 

Visa Gift Card

A Visa gift card is a type of card that has already loaded money in it. You can use it at each and every website that offers Visa as a mode of payment. The instructions are also sent to the intended person via email. One more alluring feature of Visa Gift Card is that we can personalize it as per the requirement. If we are sending it as a gift to someone, we can customize it and then present the gift. 

eBay Gift Card

With the usage of eBay Gift Cards, we as a buyer can purchase any product worth the value of the card. Even if you are going forward to purchase something that is quite costly, there are nil reasons to worry as up to 8 gift cards can be redeemed at the time of payment. And what is more appealing? The fact that the eBay Gift Cards will not expire! We can purchase items in parts as well. Let’s say, for example, we have 10 dollars as a value. We can purchase an item for 6 dollars and use the 4 dollars to buy something later! 

Google Play Gift Card

Google Play Gift Card is an easy mode of payment if we want to purchase anything from Google Play Store. To redeem the card, simply enter the code when doing the payment. As we will be opting for an eGift Card, we can just enter the code and will not have to do all the scratch work that we had to do if we had a Physical Gift Card. Famous podcasts as well as television shows can be downloaded with the help of Google Play Gift Card. 

Sephora Gift Card

This card is for all of those who are in love with cosmetic and beauty items! With the help of the Sephora Gift Card, we can purchase skincare products with utmost ease. They also run a Beauty Insider Reward program. It gives its customers plenty of offers. It ranges from 15 dollars to 100 dollars. The gift card can be used anytime as well. When we purchase the gift card, a thought always runs off in our mind that whether the card will get expired or not. But we should not worry, as the Sephora Gift Cards do not expire at all! 

Note: Certain Sephora Gift Cards are reloadable as well so we can use the same card multiple times. 

Mastercard Gift Card

Mastercard Gift cards can be redeemed at each and every place where Mastercard Debit cards are accepted. We can use two different modes of payments, if allowed, to complete a large transaction. One vital thing to note is that the card gets expired after a certain period. To get the exact date, check the front side of the card and there, the date will be mentioned. 

Mastercard Gift cards range from 10 dollars to 500 dollars. We can even customize it as per the requirement and occasion. 


  • We can easily replace the traditional cash mode of payment with an eGift Card. All we need to do is ensure before purchasing that whether our item is available or not. 
  • We can gift it to some other person and hence, it can prove to be a viable option for gift selection


  • If the money left after the purchase is made not used, then after the expiry date, the amount is of no use. 
  • There are additional fees when we purchase the gift card or in some cases when we reload the card. 

This was all about eGift Cards. Different gift cards are available and hence, we can select the one as per our requirement. We hope that the article has served its purpose and will help you to pick an appropriate gift card for your dear one. 

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