Everything You Need to Know About BMX Bicycles

Cycling is good for your health, and it helps you lose weight. Furthermore, cycling reduces the levels of cholesterol and strengthens your muscles. If you have considered cycling and buying a cycle, you have made a fantastic choice. If cycling is what you love to do, you can purchase a BMX bicycle, maybe a popular road bicycle, or a mountain bicycle; it all depends on your choice. 

The first type mentioned above is a special type that can tackle the most demanding terrains than the mountain bicycle and road bicycle combined. Although they may appear simple, they can be quite complex, and you need to have a lot of knowledge before buying them. If you purchase the wrong bicycle, it might make you regretful. So, this guide will help you get to know all information about this bicycle, starting from its history to its different types.

What Does It Mean?

BMX stands for bicycle motocross since several motocross enthusiasts wanted to ride these bicycles on dirt courses, and now they are utilised for stunt riding and racing. You can also do street and freestyle riding with these bicycles. But first, let’s learn the history of these bicycles before getting into the different types.

History of the Bicycle Motocross

Bicycle motocross originated in the late 1960s and early 1970s. These bicycles started becoming popular after the movie called On Any Sunday, which was released in 1971. The movie’s opening credits were based on the world of motocross, where young boys were seen riding with a somewhat modified version of the bicycle motocross. In the scene, they would also ride along with vacant lots and dirt trails. The scene lasts for over 4 minutes in the movie, giving rise to the popularity of bicycle motocross. Back then, many young kids were interested in motocross, leaving parents worried since they were expensive and didn’t want them to ride the bicycle. Over the next few years or decades, these bicycles began to evolve and became an official sport in the 2008 Summer Olympics. At present, you will find these bicycles in different formats but with a similar appearance.

Types of Bicycle Motocross Bikes

Countless bicycles were created and changed to meet the specific requirements of the user, and some of the popular types are:

1. Racing

Since racing bicycles are lightweight, they will help you ride as quickly as possible by giving you enough control and speed. These bicycles have similar features and characteristics to the motocross motorbikes, excluding the engine. The size of the wheel on the bicycle is 20 inches. And although you can utilise the bicycles for an actual race, you can also use them for casual racing but not for freestyle riding or street courses.

2. Freestyle

Freestyle bicycles are not speed-oriented, and you can do stunts and airs more than racing or handling jumps. Let’s get into the details:

  • Vert: Vert freestyle riding allows you to launch into the air and perform spins, twists, and other stunts.
  • Street: Street freestyle riding generally occurs in the streets of the urban area, which includes stairs, rails, ledges, and walls while the rider performs stunts and tricks.
  • Park: Park riding is a standardised type of street riding in which the park will be made of cement and wood, and the bicycle will be set up like a street freestyle bicycle.

3. Dirt Jump

Dirt jump bicycles can help you handle multiple jumps or a big air style jump on the dirt track. In any bicycle event, dirt jumping includes stunts and tricks and judges to determine the score.

4. Flatland

A flatland bicycle doesn’t have anything to do with speed and air. You can more or less dance or make movements and manipulate these bicycles in different ways on a pavement surface.

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